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  • Bryon Harris

Joe Thompson - 'Darkness Has Fallen'

Review by Dylan Lloyd & Staff

“Darkness Has Fallen” by Joe Thompson is an eerie, jazzy song with stand-out production. The combination of harmonic progressions and the dark melody on this song really give it a mysterious quality that draws you in.

Instrumentally, this track has a full, dynamic arrangement with guitars, bass, drums, a horn section, and vocals that are all layered together so cohesively. Elements like the catchy melodic hooks by the horns that float along the chord progressions with the ear candy effects of boots stomping on the ground create an immersive auditory atmosphere.

Lyrically “Darkness Has Fallen” is extremely clever in the lines that were chosen to help paint a picture of what this song is all about. Some lyric lines that really pack a punch include “Norms are shattered, truth doesn’t matter, everything is one big lie”, “Drawing a line through humanity” ... “When will we find some normalcy”. Simply listening to the deliberate lyrics and connecting them with recent world events gives the listener a picture of the monsters that bring us down and the desire for relief. Themes include hypocrisy, fascism, and the downfall of humanity.

This emotionally charged and inspired song has a very catchy chorus paired with dark harmonies that stays with you long after you've heard it. The combination of these two elements, along with the lyrical message, makes for one mysterious and slightly chilling listening experience that serves as a wakeup call. Overall, this song ingeniously captures dark times while offering up a creative and artistic depiction that is powerful.


About Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson is a physician by day and a sax player by night. He graduated from the University Of Tennessee where he was able to take music classes and play in the UT Jazz Ensemble while majoring in premed.

Joe has played extensively in the Knoxville area and has also played all over the Southeast as part of Dave Landeo band; who lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

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