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Jimmy Maddon – 'The Crime of the Century'

By Brandon Watts & Staff

Jimmy Maddon is a critically acclaimed rock and roll singer with a history of international touring based on great songs and exceptional showmanship. From modest beginnings in open mics, Jimmy has emerged into the spotlight with his unique glam rock image and one-of-a-kind vocal sound. His debut album 'Jimmy Maddon' is set for release in 2020 following a string of hit singles ("Do I Turn You On?" and "The Real Me") and now "The Crime Of The Century" With makeup on his face, platform shoes, and a lot of charisma, Jimmy's live performance is something to behold, as he brings his music to life.


“The Crime of The Century” is an almost cinematic storytelling experience, with a sound that is reminiscent of Queen and Billy Joel with deeper, lush vocals sung by Maddon. Setting the soundscape, somber guitar arpeggios open things up soon followed by a descending bass line and some light percussion as Jimmy introduces the first character in our story. It’s the small things added to the production that immerse you in the music making you feel like you are part of the scene that Jimmy is laying out. As he sings “But in the back row he forgets the words to the songs he used to know. When life was his show Sunken eyes and a young man's dream, staring up at a football screen” the sound of a football game playing on a bar television creeps into the mix and when combined with the descriptive lyrics, creates a keen mental image of everything that’s happening in the song. Jimmy creates more than a song - he creates an entire experience for the senses.

Through each section of the record, Jimmy tells the down-and-out story of another character at the bar from the waitress to himself being the musician at the venue. After Jimmy serenades us about each character's personal dilemma, he ends the sections by asking, “Is this the crime of the century?” Ultimately. the song juxtaposes the common folks (who may have their share of tough times) against the reality of today's world: "And politicians in fitted suits sending out armed troops where there is no war, Is this the crime of the century?" And then, Jimmy let's you decide: Who's the real criminal?

Here's a trailor of the song:

“The Crime of the Century” delivers a powerful personal and political message. From the people who want to forget their troubles at a local bar, to the musician who plays a song for them, and to those who may be judging without truly seeing what's going on in the world, this is a song that makes you think and feel . You experience "The Crime of the Century: it like a musical thriller on tape with an exciting and dynamic storyteller (Jimmy) who nails the performance while you take in every word and visualize each character, coming to your own conclusion at the end.

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