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  • Bryon Harris

Jimmy Maddon – “Do I Turn You On?”

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Glam/prog rock artist Jimmy Maddon is an international phenomenon who has wowed audiences across the globe, in the U.S., Australia, England, Wales, Indonesia and Thailand, with his eccentric and electrifying music performances. With a unique approach to playing the guitar (using a 5 pence coin in lieu of a plectrum) and an outrageous live show, Jimmy Maddon has left countless audiences screaming for more.

His highly anticipated debut album reflects his years on tour, refining his electric sound from road to tape. Maddon blends the heaviness of Led Zeppelin with the harmonic finesse of Queen, some of the sounds he grew up on, for a dramatic rock sound. With 3 inch platform shoes, tight leather pants, and a face full of make up, black and white fingernails (running up and down the guitar), harmonies with a simple split stereo delay, and a one-of-a-kind vocal presentation, Jimmy Maddon offers a musical experience you won't soon forget. "Do I Turn You On?" is a great way to get acquainted with Maddon's appeal.

“Do I Turn You On” is a playful classic rock inspired tune with the memorability of a pop hit. Wide distorted guitars open with a catchy chord progression accompanied by thick, centered bass and light accents of percussion. The roll of a snare leads into the first verse and the instrumental arrangement mellows out with grooving, pedaled bass.

"Do I Turn You On?" Video Trailer

Jimmy’s high energy, loose doubled vocals, enter giving the mix that early, pop/rock sound. His vocal presentation is both captivating and contagious. With a smooth transition, the electric guitar fades out from the front as a bouncy piano progression enters leading the addictive vocal melodies of the chorus as Jimmy sings,

“Because our knees are getting shaky And your eyes are rolling back Do I turn you on Do I turn you on?”

"Do I Turn You On?" is about lovers and lust. The song dives into the hot chemistry between two people who have just met. Lyrically, Maddon does not hold back. He goes for the raw and revealing experience for a bit of shock and tell. "Is your breathing getting hotter / Your mind games going to water / because tonight I'll break your heart / Will you suck it and see baby..."

Maddon wrote the song's music and lyrics he also plays guitar, drums and sings lead vocals. Karl Frederick is on bass, drums and piano. Frederick produced the track.

With “Do I Turn You On”by Jimmy Maddon embraces the sound and soul of rock and roll through crunchy, distorted guitar riffs and bass grooves; the memorability of pop music with catchy melodies and hooks; and the heart of glam rock sound with bold lyrics and sexuality.

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