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Jesse & The Hogg Brothers - “Santas Got a Bag of Coal”

Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

Jesse & The Hogg Brothers introduce "Santas Got a Bag of Coal" with a slow, ominous guitar intro to kick off this excitingly unconventional Christmas tune. As the tempo increases, more instruments are introduced, and Jesse’s bold first verse comes in. Our ears are treated to a lively, groovy tune to get the holiday season off on the right foot.

“Santa’s Got a Bag of Coal” is a festive recollection of the artist’s very amusing and regrettable endeavors with a past lover. Jesse Braintree takes a whimsical, Christmas-themed approach to expressing his distaste for a past wife, all while exercising his confident vocals that provide a nice texture against the rest of the mix.

“Remember when I lent you a thousand bucks / Told me you were down on your luck / Six months past ain’t seen a cent, I’m falling behind my rent / Santa’s got a bag of coal for you”

The fun these guys have in writing recording their songs is palpable and downright contagious. Jesse & The Hogg Brothers have created a pleasantly, refreshing and lighthearted, bluesy song for this holiday season that will make you listen and laugh, and sing-a-long. Most of us can relate to the story behind “Santa’s Got a Bag of Coal,” all while enjoying the exciting, lively vibe this band has to offer.


About Jesse & The Hogg Brothers

Jesse and his cousin Neil Hogg wrote a bunch of songs together when they were growing up in Bosque County TX. When Jesse was 16, he moved up north with his mom while Neil stayed in Texas. Jesse eventually teamed up with cousin Buzz Hogg, playing all over New England as a country cover band.

“Jesse & The Hogg Brothers” played every country bar they could. The band even played The Woodstock Fair and they were so good, they were asked back. Their live performances attracted attention, and the band added this guy named Dirk, a talented guitarist/vocalist, who had a 2-man act that ended. He and Buzz left the band 6 months later to do the same.

From there, the band's history reads like a page-turning novel. There's ex-wives, new daughters via DNA testing, members joining and leaving, and it's all a fantastic read, so be sure to visit the band's website (listed below) to read more!

Jesse & The Hogg Brothers will commence their 2020 live shows in Las Vegas on February 20th @ The Double Down Saloon. Currently, they have a Holiday single from the upcoming LP - Jesse & The Hogg Brothers Get Hammered. The band will be featured in the 2020 Genoveva Rossi film - Attack Of The Killer Chickens! What’s next???

For more information on Jess & The Hogg Brothers, please visit their website.


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