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Jesse & The Hogg Brothers- "BIKER ANN"

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“BIKER ANN” is chalk full of swagger and energy. The overall feel of this song is fun and driving, providing listeners with a good time and an uplifting mood. Timeless Americana sensibilities are on full display on this track which features good old hillbilly rock n’ roll. An insistent rhythm section underscores a relatable vocal style and ornate melodic instrumental contributions. The feel and attitude of the song are spot on, creating a highly enjoyable musical experience.

Lyrically, “BIKER ANN” tells the tragic tale of a woman unhinged. Gone wild on drugs and alcohol, the protagonist murders her foreman with a chair: “The foreman said get to work you got to pay yer bills Biker Ann took a chair and smacked him on his head. I knew the cops were comin- the foreman he was dead.” The tongue-in-cheek delivery of this song makes these lyrics fun, like a dark comedy. “Biker Ann, 2 drinks in her hand - she drinks more than a man Biker Ann.” A vivid picture is painted and expressed.

The arrangement of “BIKER ANN” pays homage to classic tropes while offering a fresh energy. Fiddle, pedal steel, and lead guitar fills all elevate the song. A tried-and-true groove is played masterfully on this track.

The vocal expressions capture a raw, unharnessed vibe that jumps out of the speakers and brings this music to life. Jesse & The Hogg Brothers hit the nail on the head with this rollicking and humorous musical statement.

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About Jesse & the Hogg Brothers

If this was just a band making white trash jokes and wearing Billy Bob teeth and using fake twangs this might suck. But the beauty of the Hoggs (who are not above white trash jokes, Billy Bob teeth and fake twangs) is that they are also making super earnest country music, old time stuff, including CB trucking songs, odes to America, and Christmas songs on both albums. If you can't get enough of the crude Southerner comedy (and a zillion Larry The Cable Guy fans can't be wrong) meets 1968 Opry music then get both CDs. Other curious folks get the second CD, as it includes some improved versions of the "hits" from the first one. - Flamin' Waymon Timbsdayle, Rocktober

Jesse Braintree - Vocals

Lisa Mari Hogg - Vocals

Stevie Joe Hogg - Electric guitar

Pappy Hogg - Bass guitar

Kitty Hogg - Vocals

Kenny Hogg - Vocals

Buzz Hogg - Vocals and Guitar

JoeJoe Hogg - Drums

Kash Hogg - Foreman Vocal

Logan Gaudet - Foreman Vocal


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