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Jeremy Parks - 'Would You Love Me Back'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

A slow, grooving harmonica opens “Would You Love Me Back” above dramatic piano chords. Jeremy Park’s smooth, emotional vocals send shivers down your spine as the first verse begins, accompanied by a gently strummed guitar. From the very first moments, the song’s romantic, melancholic mood is clear and succinct. The entire mix moves like a unit with the singer, perfectly complimenting Parks’ heartfelt melodies.

Lyrically, “Would You Love Me Back” is well crafted, combining catchy phrasing with artistic imagery and vivid perspectives. Each line of words in itself is a pleasure to behold, containing complete, intentional messages. Jeremy Parks successfully captures the feeling of young, vulnerable love in its purest state.

“I’ve been saving love up for all my life, so you know I’ve got plenty to give,

I’m not asking you to be my wife, but I’m asking what would you say if I did.”

The soul and intention Jeremy Parks has put into this piece of music is truly admirable. When one listens to “Would You Love Me Back,” one is listening to a world of musical ideas that is completely in tune with itself. Like a true masterpiece, nothing is out of place nor redundant. With a world of depth within, and complete musical mastery at his disposal, Jeremy Parks is an artist to watch in the coming future.

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About Jeremy Parks

Jeremy Parks, traditional country music singer, song writer and harmonica player grew up in the entertainment industry. He started singing in performances at the age of 4. By the time he was 16 he was one of the best, youngest harmonica players. By 18 he had formed a very successful band that opened for acts such as Keith Sweat, Ray Charles, The O’Jays, The Whispers, The Temptations, and Phyllis Hyman. Currently Jeremy is in the studio recording his latest album "Roots".


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