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  • Bryon Harris

Jerace - 'Crawl'

Review by Patrick Dalton & Staff

“Crawl” is an intense track with lots of vibe and swagger. A hip instrumental track sets the stage for a show stopping vocal performance while an ultra-catchy chorus and coolly sparse verses make this song stand out and shine. Inspired melodies seem to naturally evolve from section to section. The dynamic build from verse to chorus is expertly done. The overall vibe of this song is undeniable.

Lyrically, “Crawl” explores themes of perseverance and personal resilience.

“I don’t wanna be high, I wanna stay low to the ground, I’m saying goodbye to whatever I know will bring me down.”

The vocal delivery makes these lyrics relatable and engaging. “Built up an appetite for barflies and honey “...“Chasing the wind is where the trouble begins.” These lyrics are clever and sharp.

The arrangement of “Crawl” is an exploration in modern pop. The way the chorus builds by in energy is very choice. A rhythmic bridge adds excitement while a massive musical buildup in the last chorus pushes the song over the top. Vocal production and layering is masterfully done and the backing track matches the music perfectly. A perfect summer jam.

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About Jerace

Jerace has been involved in the music world his entire life. He is a songwriter first and foremost. He writes, records and produces all of his own original songs. His brother, Matthew, is a musical engineer and producer who co-produces Jerace’s music and plays the drums during their live performances. Jerace is also an accomplished and versatile musician who can play the guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. Performing in front of audiences allows him to connect with others and share his love of music with them. In 2010, Jerace signed a recording contract with producer RedOne of [Lady Gaga]. He worked at some of the top recording studios in L.A. such as Henson and Chalice Studios where he was able to write and co-produce songs that were featured in hit TV shows such as “Modern Family” and “Dancing with the Stars”.

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, coming from a strong musical background, Justin was introduced to the music scene at an early age. His father, Sonny Geraci found world-wide success in the late 60’s and 70’s with two Billboard #1 records, “Precious and Few” and “Time Won’t Let Me”. Jerace continues to carry on that important family tradition of making and performing music.

The retro influenced, highly eclectic blend of pop music and alternative pop reflects his ability to express and connect with the listener through themes that are at once deeply personal but also universal to the human condition. With honest lyrics, soulful melodies and memorable hooks the music is both highly relatable while retaining emotional depth. His original song “Crawl” is available on all digital media platforms now.


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