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  • Bryon Harris

JeanPaul – 'Fun House'

Jean Paul is an artist from Fitchburg, Massachusetts. He began singing and performing in church at a young age and releases his first song by the age of 15. His unique, edgy rap style blended with his blue eyed, soulful pop and his singing and songwriting talent come together to create a fresh, fun, and exciting sound. As an artist, JeanPaul strives to innovate and captivate with each song and performance. His primary goal is to deliver authenticity and inspiration. Off his most recent project, Dreams Don’t Die, the single "Fun House" is sure to win you over.

“Fun House,” with production by Majin, off of JeanPaul’s latest release Dreams Don’t Die is a testament to his talent and passion as an artist to produce high quality records. Arcade sound effects open the track before fading into the entrance of clean guitar arpeggios and a lead melodic line that is sure to get stuck in your head.

As the lead melody loops, creative production plays with the register and timbre of the motif making for a dynamic and ear catching beat. As if the beat wasn’t enough to keep you listening, when JeanPaul gets on the track his crisp vocals and immaculate flow, it's a done deal. You are sure to keep you listening as he entrances you with impressive 8th note and triplet flows that seamlessly glide into melodic pop influenced bars.

Reaching the chorus, JeanPaul really lets his pop influences shine with an addictive hook that gives this song hit potential that could easily chart.

Baby, I’ve been in the city living life baby Niggas hating but they don’t know why, baby That’s why I called you over here tonight I want all of all that with a side of fries, oh, ah, ah, ah Don’t ask me how I’ve been I might just let you in In here you can’t pretend Welcome to the fun house, then

'Fun House" explores where you are and where you are going. It's about what you got and what you want to get and in-between it all there is a place - the fun house - which represents the crazy city life of parties, women, and living day to day. In the end, the song is about finding your purpose and pursuing it. It's about youth, growing, changing, and realizing and reaching for your potential.

In "Fun House," JeanPaul delivers a song that is both fun and meaningful. With well-conceived and executed production, a crisp and immaculate flow, and a selling hook, "Fun House" is just the beginning for this talented artist on the rise.

Listen on Soundcloud.


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