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  • Bryon Harris

JB.Damesenjah - "Nobody (Feat. Serenity)"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Nobody” is a meditative and spiritual piece of music. Damesenjah’s flow is rhythmically crisp and expressive over a fantastic backing track. Serenity’s vocals, featured on the chorus and bride, are confident and clearly defined. The instrumental track is intricately layered with processed guitar and keyboard tracks swirling on top of the music while a raw trap beat provides rhythmic structure.

Lyrically, “Nobody” is an inspirational message of faith.

“Aint nobody out there really mad but them haters, Say goodbye to my past I won’t see you later, Had a change of heart made you my Lord and Savior.”

Listeners will feel the faith in these words through the passionate delivery of this song.

“You pick me up when I’m weak, Shepard protecting your sheep, When life messed up you make me complete.”

Damesenjah’s strong rhythmic cadence brings these words to life.

“Nobody” will have you bobbing your head back and forth from the beginning to end. Finely detailed backup vocals, a well-constructed arrangement, and courageous production techniques keep this song fresh from beginning to end. A catchy chorus elevates a song already made great by inspired flows and an expertly crafted backing track. “Nobody” is the type of song you can listen to on repeat.


About JB Damesenjah

JB is known for his hard street lyrics melodic type voice with a versatile skill that's been lost in hip hop for some time. He has been redeemed by Christ and the gift that God has given him n the first place has increased. JB has a message for the world to hear and it's needed. Damesenja has music for everyone.

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