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Jazzy Sky - 'Give My Charlest'

Review by Dylan Lloyd & Staff

“Give My Charlest” is a straight-ahead jazz swing tune composed of a small group combo arrangement. Starting off with a 4 bar instrumental intro that sets the stage for the sound of this recording, the performers on this track show that they are very locked-in together both rhythmically and harmonically when functioning together as a group. Paired with the rhythmic drive of the drums, instrumental elements such as the walking bass and the piano chordal comping throughout this tune provide a solid harmonic foundation. This leaves way for the vocal melody to grab the attention of the listener.

The lyrics of “Give My Charlest” are both fun and playful with lines like “This is so fun, such a long run. When I can dance, I have a lot of chance” and “I look at my partner, we love the grand parterre”. They are effortlessly sung to the melody of this song with the lyrical meaning being focused on the jazz dance the Charleston that became popularized during the 1920s. The female vocalist heard on the track has a sweet and light tone that sweeps you off your feet. The woman portrayed in the lyrical story of this song learns the Charleston dance to jazz up her life.

The composition of “Give My Charlest” created by Stephane Querry is cohesive and flowing to the rhythm of this tune. The upright bass fills up the low-end, the drums propel the song forward with the swing rhythm, and the piano provides a solid chordal structure. Some extra auditory treats that can be heard throughout this song are the clarinet solo and the extremely clean guitar chord played at the very end. The overall tone of the song is very smooth, calming, and pleasing to the ear of the listener. Swing your cares away with "Give My Charlest".


About Jazzy Sky

Jazzy Sky was founded by Stephane Querry. Stephane started piano at age eleven. After studying in different music conservatories, he received the classical piano scholarship of France Clidat (at the “Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris”) for 4 years (1999-2003). He started learning Jazz in 2003 (harmony, piano improvisation, band formation and rhythm) in the David Patrois classroom, and also in other music schools. Very attracted to music writing, he composed a post romantic piano concerto, several classical pieces, and now, Jazz songs for Jazzy Sky (“Give My Charlest” being his latest release). Various singers and musicians perform as function as the music brining Stephane's compositions to life.

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