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  • Bryon Harris

Jaye Wood - 'Outta Time'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Jaye Wood’s latest single is chill and grooving from the very start, as we are introduced to the mellow chords that will provide the groundwork for the rest of this instant R&B classic. The percussion in “Outta Time” is both subtle and effective, while Wood’s rich, flowing vocals kick off the passionate roller-coaster of verses. While the artist’s voice provides the primary expressive narrative of the song, dynamic backing vocals inject a lethal dose of dripping, ecstatic emotion into your ears.

One doesn’t have to pay much attention to the lyrics to know “Outta Time” is a love song through and through. Every musical phrase and larger motion exudes undeniable romance and sensuality, accompanying the core message of the song. Jaye Wood speaks to the act of confessing one’s love for a woman, and praying that she feels the same way.

“We don’t get younger babe I wanna spend my life with you, yeah But first thing first babe, I gotta know if ah couple things are true”

It takes one listen to know that Jaye Wood is truly in his element in this single. The artist uses a nostalgic 90’s R&B style, with a contemporary touch, as a method of communicating incredibly rich emotion and passion, drawing in his listeners to a wide expanse of color and textures. If you’re not in love with this song after your first time hearing it, you may just not be human - it's that extraordinary.


About Jaye Wood

D.C., Maryland (DMV) native Jaye Wood is the newest R&B sensation who is about to top your playlist. The singer-songwriter is no stranger to the limelight. His career spans Broadway, television, and the stage.

His journey started in the entertainment industry as a successful child actor (credited as  D. Jamaar). His most acclaimed roles were Young Simba in Disney's theatrical play The Lion King which premiered on Broadway, Young Wesley in Preaching to The Choir, and his appearance on The Dave Chappelle Show.

Jaye Wood gets his musical influence from the 90’s R&B era; it is very clear, as soon as you hear Jaye's smooth vocals, that he is the real deal.  From his incredible falsetto to his to his rhythmic runs Jaye Wood is the voice, the songwriter, and the performer that R&B has been waiting for.

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