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Jay “Blue Jay” Jourden - 'Ooh Baby'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Ooh Baby” is a soulful track that is drenched in love and abundant gratitude. From the very first guitar strum you can tell that “Ooh Baby” has such a rich 70’s vibe and it’s the kind of music that will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. All the sounds are sweet and delicate; there is nothing harsh here. This is a true testament to how sweet love is, and its positive atmosphere is inspiring. You’ll likely find yourself playing this track over and over to remind yourself how good that feeling of love is, as “Ooh Baby” captures that enrapturing sensation perfectly.

Lyrically, Jay “Blue Jay” Jourden is reflecting on love in a very passionate and simple way. His lyrics are almost conversational, if they weren’t sung, they’d be spoken to you deliberately and from the heart.

“On that warm summer’s evening when I fell in love with you, cause you had so much soul, I had such a feeling I could not believe it was true, you stole my heart now baby.”

The lyrics inspire such beautiful imagery yielding a relatable feeling to that intense moment when we feel deeply attracted to another human being.

“On that warm summer’s evening when you gave a smile away, so wild and free like a bird, you lit up the sky in the twilight and all my days, you changed my life now forever.”

The instrumentation of “Ooh Baby” has a classic soft rock sound and it’s incredibly well arranged. The guitars, in place of distortion, employ more atmospheric effects like chorus and delay to create interesting textures that remain mellifluous. Decorated throughout is really tasty and lyrical saxophone lines. Often the saxophone is mixed into the background, but even so the saxophones presence is deeply felt.

Adding to “Ooh Baby’s” sweet texture is some really upfront and powerful background singers adding support to “Blue Jay’s” lead vocals. “Blue Jay” sings with a voice that is full and warm, yet also smooth and leathery. “Ooh Baby” is a wonderful and relaxing song that will make your heart swell with the promise of love. Stream on Spotify. Connect on Facebook. For more information, please visit Jay "Blue Jay" Jourdon's website.


About Jay "Blue Jay" Jourdon Jay “Blue Jay” Jourden Singer/Songwriter/Performer/Activist Producer/Writer/Actor/Film & Video Global Film Studio BMI. Jay "Blue Jay" is 6th Annual Josie Music Awards Song of the year Jazz/Blues "Every Little Thing" and a 2019 Josie Music Awards Winner for Jazz/Blues Vocalist Of The Year. Jay “Blue Jay” Jourden is a world-renowned producer and musical/vocal artist as well as an accomplished concert promoter/performer having worked on and help organize major concerts for The American Indian Movement AIM, Wounded Knee & The Longest Walk, The No Nukes Concert Series, Disaster Relief 96', The 40th Anniversary of Woodstock 1969-2009 “West Fest”, and many, many, more.

Currently signed with Global Film Studio, he is also on to their Advisory Board. Global Film Studio is a socially active, major international film company, under internationally acclaimed director Bruno Pischiutta and producer Daria Trifu, Global Film Studio is currently in pre-production of several films in Greece and other parts of the world, as well as a thirteen-part television series in the UK, addressing important socially significant issues, affecting changes in global thinking, and all done without the “Hollywood Standard” gratuitous sex and violence “norm”.


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