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Jasper “Jazz” Myers – ‘I’m Still a Believer in Love’

Review By Matt Wong & Staff

“I’m Still a Believer in Love” starts with a sneaky eighth note drum groove followed by an expressive and dirty guitar hook. As Myers’ smooth vocals enter on the first verse, along with a keyboard part playing a counter line to the melody, the guitar begins playing clean downbeat chords, while the drums continue their heartbeat.

The next phrase in the verse introduces a slap bass part, which gives the song its fresh, funky element. Nuances like a shaker part in the pre-chorus add rhythmic textures to the song as it moves towards the chorus. With the chorus, Myers flexes his vocal power and shines in the mix. The effective use of the delay on the vocal track allows for more movement in the vocals, and nicely accents the key phrases in the lyrics. A shred guitar line capped off with a bluesy lick serves as an engaging interlude. The song goes through the form one more time before ending with a nice piano solo re-stating the melody.

The lyrics in “I’m Still a Believer in Love” tell a story about Myers’ observations on a gig at a club where he’s seen it all. "Well stage names don't work here. I'm the singer at the jazz club. They all know it's me. They all know I've seen it all." He sings about listening to drunk attempts at lovers talk and seeing happy hour broken hearts. Despite this, he sings that I’m still a believer in love, but I don’t know what to say. Still I can't go back that way.”

“I’m Still a Believer in Love” by Jasper “Jazz” Myers will make you believe in R & B again and again. It is a well written and performed song with a groove that will have you tapping your feet and moving to the music instantly. With this song, Myers demonstrates that he is a leading voice in the R&B idiom. Listeners should pay attention to that impressive falsetto.

For more information on Jasper "Jazz" Myers, please visit his website.

Listen on SoundCloud.

Video of "My Heart Won't Break"


About Jazz Myers

Chicago native, Jasper "Jazz" Myers is a multi instrumentalist who plays different instruments such as piano, keyboards, synthesizer, and guitar. He is also a music producer and creator.

At age eight, Jasper started piano and organ lessons. He went on to craft songs on an old beat up Casio as a teen-ager to directing bands and has produced countless local artists and record industry musicians as well.

He has two previous highly original albums called "The Acoustic Album" and "The Next Stop Will Be" that were released on street level that were out prior to recording Jazzolosophy in early 2012. The Jazzmaster, Jasper Myers dropped his first full length recording in July 2015 called “Jazzolosophy”, an instrumental fusion jazz record. In March 2019 he put out an RnB/Neo-Soul record called “Guilty Pleasures.”

Currently The Jazzmaster is working on “Harmonious” which will drop in 2020, and he also wants to put out a double disc record which is untitled at this point, but the first disc will be a all Hip-Hop record, and the second disc will venture off into Classic Rock.

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