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Jamie Lynn Vessels - 'Don't Worry'

Review Written by Daniel Hoyt & Staff

"Don't Worry" by Jamie Lynn Vessels is featured on BWH Music Group’s new release, ‘On Peace Street, Vol. One.’ The compilation album is a collection of 19 original songs in various genres by today's best independent artists and songwriters. Sharing songs about peace and social justice, the artist's songs will ultimately remind you of the importance of peace, fairness, love and unity. Filled with meaningful lyrics and exceptional music, this playlist is an example of how music can influence, and even change, people, movements, and society.

“Don’t Worry” has a simple and consistent beat throughout the piece; however, the more anyone listens to this song, the more you can hear the subtle nuances that make for a remarkable and well-crafted arrangement. Throughout the song, new motifs and elements are tastefully added. A keyboard enters and adds a bit of harmonic tension to the progression, and it is done beautifully. The beat has an African feel to it, with the hand drums and a shaker playing consistently through the piece. The song is a verse-refrain that feels like a mix between an Elton John Gospel songs like “Border Song” and Lion King's “Circle of Life.” It’s a simple song with a lot of substance under the surface.

Over the beautiful mix, Jamie delivers a vocal performance with great emotional depth. Her natural vocals perfectly express a clam and peaceful presence that draws the listener in with a tender touch. When Jamie sings, "Don't worry," she melts your worries away with beauty and reassurance. She captures the essence of strength with gentle persuasion.

The lyrics of this song are words of optimism. It’s a song that tells you, “Don’t Worry, Your Heart Will Be Just Fine.” “You’ll find your way.” Originally, Vessels wrote the tune for herself; however, once the song was released into the world, it became a fan favorite among her following and people could interpret it for themselves.

The song's melody is a bit slow, giving the listener space to breath in a rushed world, and the melancholy tune adds to the song's reflective feel. Vessels captures, musically, the feeling of being anxious and knowing that everything passes, eventually. “Trouble will always have something to say,” but you have to fight on and remember that it will pass because the problems are not as great as they may seem at the time.

Jamie Lynn Vessels is a talented songwriter and singer who really knows how to touch people's souls. She uses her own experiences to connect with fans, showcasing what is great about the singer-songwriter experience. The song may have originally been written for herself, but the experiences are universal and it is no wonder why it has become a fan favorite for so many people. Jamie Lynn Vessels has written a timeless song and it takes true emotion and skill to write a song that stands the ultimate test of time.


About Jamie Lynn Vessels

Jamie Lynn Vessels has been nominated for numerous awards including “Best Roots Rock Artist” of 2018, “Best Roots Rock Album” of 2018 and “Best Emerging Artist” of 2015.

She was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and initially studied Criminal Justice, obtaining both a Bachelors and a Masters degree. During her studies, she yearned to fully pursue her love of music and songwriting and eventually she chose a career in music, over criminal justice. Jamie switched gears after graduating, and moved to New Orleans to begin a life as a singer-songwriter.

Jamie Lynn Vessels’ band features Vessels herself as the singer-songwriter, Cranston Clements on Guitar, David Brouillette on bass and Daniel Perez-Iriondo on drums. The band was formed after the North Carolina native decided to follow her calling and move to New Orleans. Vessels formed the band between the years 2018 and 2019, and has found a nice fanbase in the Crescent City.

Compared to Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Melissa Etheridge, and even Susan Tedeschi, Jamie mezmerizes her audineces with a voice that is soulful and down-to-earth, dazzling musicianship, meaingful lyrcis and dynamic performances.

For more information, please visit Jamie Lynn's website.


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