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James Kevin O’Connor – ‘Gratitude’

Review By Matt Wong & Staff

“Gratitude” is an uplifting adult contemporary and inspirational pop-rock song by James Kevin O’Connor. The song begins with a wistful electric guitar melody supported by bass and light drums. O’Connor’s rich and tender vocals enter on the first verse while the guitar remains very present playing beautiful counter melodies to the vocal.

On the second verse, the drums begin playing the back beat, and the piano enters the mix of instruments playing sparsely. The pre-chorus begins building the tension towards the chorus through excellent dynamics in the vocals, and the introduction of a second guitar. The chorus then blooms from a “wider” piano part, an increase in dynamics in the guitars, which adds to the “width” of the overall mix, and great background vocals. James Kevin's vocals display a mastery of range and dynamics as he sings the catchy chorus with passion.

"Cause he found gratitude, It's all about the life that we choose. It's there for you and it's there for me. Gratitude, have you checked in on your attitude? Where are you living from on this fine, fine afternoon?"

The end of the chorus features clever rhythmic hits, as well as the introduction of string parts. Following the chorus, both guitars take well crafted solos. After the second chorus, the guitars play a cool harmonized duet, before the song wraps up.

The lyrics in “Gratitude” are about choosing a life of giving thanks. O’Connor sings about celebrating your soul. The chorus drives the message of the song home with “Gratitude. It’s about the life that we choose.”

“Gratitude” by James Kevin O’Connor is an exuberant, spellbinding and inspiring song that is well written, arranged and produced. O’Connor has a rich, and moving vocal sound, which is enhanced through fantastic vocal production, and well executed background vocals. The musicians on this track are killer, having come up with great parts to complement O’Connor’s vocal, and drive the song forward.

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About James Kevin O'Connor

James Kevin O'Connor's approach to his musical artistry is like a fine aged wine: Full-bodied and mindfulness in one comprehensive package called, Soul. He approaches life--his life as all true artists do: To create is their sustenance, their honey, their breath. His sense of himself is harmoniously in sync with his world around him. He is as complex as his lyrics and as strong in his resolve to live out his dharmic, creative plan, to its very (sweet) end.

Singer, songwriter, podcaster/Radio & TV personality, and music producer James Kevin O’Connor is also the Founder/Chairman/CEO of the James O’Connor Agency based in Nashville TN, which represents global talent including singers/songwriters, actors, models, bands, authors and keynote speakers. He has written, produced, and performed on many of his own solo albums through the years, including, "175 Cherry Lane”, and his two latest, "Geography of the Soul" and “Gratitude", which were recorded on Music Row in Nashville, TN with "A list" musicians, and producer, Kim Copeland.

James Kevin is also the co-songwriter and lead vocalist of the unique Christian pop rock/gospel band, "MERCY" with Bishop Dr. Christine Mercy Johnson, PhD. D.D. The ten songs produced and Mastered in Nashville, TN, were released in early 2017 and will be performed live on stages all across the country, then the world.



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