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  • Bryon Harris

Jamar - 'Say Less'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Say Less” is a slamming track with a sexy groove. JAMAR floats over the top of a head-bobbing beat, delicately and intricately placing melodies in a precise way. The instrumental track is engaging and dynamic. The overall sound of the music is ultra-modern, perfectly capturing the sound of today. This is the type of song that you’ll want to listen to again and again.

Lyrically, “Say Less” is risqué and passionate.

“Okay I get it you already know me, I do it better than all your other homies, Know how you like it came here to save you.”

JAMAR’s vocals are confident and smooth, bringing these lyrics to life.

“Say less, baby you can say less, we can do it your way…cant forget the foreplay.”

This hook is undeniable…it will stay with you.

“Say Less” seems to ooze out of the speakers. Listeners will love the catchy chorus and the dramatic bridge. This song is incredibly efficient without being shallow. The intro and bridge are harmonically complex, while the chorus is direct and straightforward. Production values are sky high and JAMAR’s vocal take is inspirational. Overall, “Say Less” is a winner…put it on your playlist!


About Jamar

Jamar is a 20 year old Filipino/African American, RnB/Pop singer/songwriter based in San Diego, CA. His influences range from RnB, Pop, and Hip Hop JAMAR takes inspiration from artists like Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, BLXST, Kehlani, Usher, Bruno Mars, and Justin Bieber.

Writing music since the age of 11, Jamar began posting his originals on SoundCloud in 2016 gaining him over thousands of streams. His first official EP “Remember Me” and lead single “Hookup Culture” were released early 2020.

Through his catchy melodies, relatable lyrics, and mix of modern and old school RnB/Pop, Jamar is already making moves and gaining attention from others in the industry. From performing at open mics, fairs, school concerts, and talent shows JAMAR loves expressing himself through all mediums of creativity (singing, dancing, song writing and playing instruments). JAMAR has been dancing since the age of 15 when he first joined a junior team. He currently dances on 909, a collegiate team at the University of California, Riverside. 
 Using TikTok as a way to engage with his audience JAMAR regularly posts covers, duets, and originals. To date he has gained over 78.3k followers and over 1.5 million likes. Earlier in 2021, JAMAR had the opportunity to talk with Ne-Yo about the industry and was later added to Ne-Yo’s “Where There’s Smoke” Playlist for rising artists. His upcoming single "Say Less."

For more information on Jamar, please visit his website.

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