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  • Bryon Harris

Jackson Reed – ‘Can You Feel the Rock and Roll’

By Matt Wong & Staff

Jackson Reed was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He creates commercial, radio-friendly music that can be enjoyed by everyone. Reed has toured the United States, playing in cities like Atlanta and Nashville.

Jackson Reed’s single, “Can You Feel The Rock and Roll,” will delight fans of 20th century legends like Bruce Springsteen, The Who, Dire Straits, and Tom Petty. The song has already received radio play garnishing over 20,000 plays on all platforms and it's easy to hear why. 

“Can You Feel the Rock and Roll” begins with a horn riff supported by drums, bass, and two guitars. An energetic, bluesy rock guitar guides the arrangement joined by quick memorable motifs from sax that add an addictive quality to the record. As the arrangement grows, ambient chords from keys drone in the background catching your ear and adding depth to the sound. Additionally, the record features a wailing guitar solo section where Jackson really gets to show off his chops with some killer, speedy licks. The song ends with a nice vamp on the horn riff.

Jackson's vocals enter on the first verse to an old school rock and roll groove played by the rhythm section. His vocals are upfront and clear with a slight grungy timbre that adds that extra rock flair to his vocal phrasing. Female backing vocals join the mix adding dynamic, ad lib harmonies throughout the song. The use of background vocals on the chorus is well executed and provides a nice lift to the melody.

“Can You Feel the Rock and Roll” is a party song you can get up and move to. It's lyrics remind you that there are good times to enjoy and music will lead the way. With strong melodic sensibilities, Jackson knows how to write a catchy hook. “Can you feel the music, in your soul?” and “Can you feel the guitar? Can you feel the crowd?” The lyrics serve to energize and get listeners pumped and excited.

“Can You Feel the Rock and Roll” by Jackson Reed is a phenomenal song. The song brings back vibes of original rock and roll with a slightly modern sound to it. Jackson is a talented songwriter, and his vocal ability is the perfect vehicle to shine a light on his well honed craft as a songwriter. This high-energy song pays tribute to all things rock and roll. It will have you feeling the music and the true spirit of rock and roll.


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