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Jackson Reed and The Silverbirds - “Dangerous Lover”

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Dangerous Lover” is an intense track that simmers with energy. Reed delivers the song with an edgy yet comfortable feel. The track drives with momentum and features the powerful drumming of legendary Kenny Aronoff, who is spectacular as always. This is music that is catchy and enticing, luring in listeners and grabbing their attention.

Lyrically, “Dangerous Lover” is emotive and intriguing. “I hear her whisper, Says she’s trying, I wanna believe her, But Is she lying.” These lyrics are elevated by Reed’s earnest and raw vocal delivery. “Tell me is it true, can we see it through, My dangerous lover.” The vibe of this song is massive. All elements converge to make a highly effective musical statement.

The arrangement of “Dangerous Lover” is expertly done. The synth tracks layer together beautifully with guitars. The vocals provide depth and feeling. The rhythm section is an absolute steamroller on this song. Songwriting and execution connect for a win in this track which will have you singing along by the 2nd chorus. “Dangerous Lover” is engaging and fun, a catchy thrill ride that will have you begging for more.

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About Jackson Reed

Jackson Reed was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Being inspired by artists like Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams and The Who, Jackson is working to follow in their footsteps by creating commercial, radio-friendly music that can be enjoyed by everyone. In 2019, Jackson’s newest single "Can You Feel the Rock and Roll" received radio play and over 25,000 plays on all platform.

He also embarked on a short tour of the United States, playing in cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis and Nashville. On his new single "Dangerous Lover" - rock icon Kenny Aronoff played drums. Kenny is known for drumming with John Mellencamp, John Fogarty, Kelly Clarkson, Bob Dylan, Alanis Morissette & Mick Jagger.


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