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J Mind Feat. Deshan - 'Autumn Leaves'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

“Autumn Leaves” is a beautiful alternative rap and love battle by J Mind featuring Deshan. The song uses muted guitar riffs, ambient melodic effects, and rapid hi-hat to create a mesmerizing track.

The first line hits you with a deep bass beat and flirtatious lyrics. The layering of trap beat, melody, and reggae undertones on the piano support Deshan’s sultry vocals. J Mind’s polished rap section adds just the right amount of heat. The radio-ready production by J Mind is satisfying to listen to; you automatically start grooving to the beat and lyrics.

Lyricists, Joshua Stephens and Darrel Powell, take an agile approach to creating a passionate love battle. Joshua’s and Darrel’s lyrics depict two men interested in a woman, and they're are charming her, lyrically and with their undeniably talent. Both men want to fall in love, and they want this specific woman to be the one. They are declaring that their love will never fall even though they are falling for her.

The layering of the vocals and the rap lines intensifies the emotional intention of the song and adds variety without being disjointing.

“I’m falling In love like Autumn Leaves Girl

We’re falling Let you love rain down on me girl

I know that you’ve been through a lot girl

Take your chances and maybe

I could change your world

Let our love fall like autumn leaves

Like the autumn leaves

Girl we never ever fall.”

J Mind has a pristine sound, and Joshua's and Darrel’s lyrics are profoundly beautiful. “Autumn Leaves” as an alternative and lyrical rap song exceeds expectations with it's sincerity, love, depth, and intensity. The arrangement of the song is ingenious in using certain rhythmic overtones in the melody. J Mind's artistry and style express the emotional energy of today's era of rap music.

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