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  • Bryon Harris

Izayuh - "No Shortcuts Feat. virgogabreille

Review by Patrick Joseph

"No Shortcuts" has a quiet intensity that shimmers under the seductive surface of a smooth and hypnotizing song. Izayuh and virgogabrielle deliver stellar vocal performances over a finely tuned backing track that keeps the momentum pushing forward from beginning to end. "No Shortcuts" is a song that will take you on a journey. The chorus's soulful, rhythmically intricate vocal melody is intoxicating, while the verses elaborate on an interesting perspective and provide listeners with great lyrical content.

Lyrically, this song is poetic and expressive, delivering a message of integrity.

"No short cuts or quick paths or cheat codes, we go hard those big hits we eat those I go on for my folk and people."

The expert vocal delivery of Izayuh and virgogabrielle in perfect harmony is brilliant.

"They say that boy nice because I open the door, and I pay the high price for all the work I put towards, no I don't need an accolade a trophy award."

These inspirational lyrics are engaging and infectious.

The arrangement of this track demonstrates a powerful command of music production. The backing track is sewn together perfectly, with a delicate guitar line that carries the harmony, an expertly programmed drum track, and a rich bass line delivering the rhythm. The way the vocals sit over the top of this beat creates a relaxed yet energetic vibe. "No Shortcuts" is a beautiful song with an uplifting message. A great work of art.


About Izayuh

Isaiah Arthur McClymont (born November 15, 1997), better known by his stage name Izayuh, is an American hip-hop singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer. He is known for his relaxing sound, mixing introspective alternative hip hop combined with neo-soul. Reminiscent of Childish Gambino,

Chance the Rapper, and Raury. Raised in Sacramento, California, Izayuh initially started his music career while still in high school as a guitar player with a neighborhood band, Follow The Sun.

After a few years of performing at events around the city, the band parted ways to pursue other interests. Izayuh enrolled in LA Film school and dropped out to better follow the music opportunities that were in from him and build on his musicality and dreams of becoming a recording artist/songwriter/producer.

He set out on his journey as a rapper/poet and released his first EP, Innocence, in early 2019. With the intent of creating a trilogy project, he went on to release two additional EPs, Ignorance and Imminence, in 2019 and 2020, making the trilogy complete. His latest release, No Shortcuts (2022), was written to remind himself and listeners to enjoy the process because we exist within a culture where drugs, lust, and violence are quick fixes to our pain and struggles.

Learn more on their website:

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