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Iryne Rock - 'You Are Here'

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

Iryne Rock's style of music captivates fans of multiple genres. Her unique sound has a universal appeal that invites listeners to deeply connect to her music and message. A firm believer in the word of God, Iryne gave her life and musical purpose to Christ. From an early age, she has been involved in choir singing where she developed her vocal and songwriting skills. Currently, Iryne serves as the Youth Pastor and Worship Leader at her local church in Maryland. Her song "You Are Here' showcases her undeniable talent.

“You Are Here” begins with electric and acoustic guitars setting up the hand-clapping groove, and keys playing pads. An organ enters at the end of the intro to transition the song into the first verse, which brings Iryne’s gorgeous vocals center stage as she sings, "Dead dreams. Loud lies, They pull at me From every side." The bass joins in at the end of the first verse and plays half notes to bring out and highlight the memorable melody.

A drum fill brings the song into the moving chorus, and the arrangement grooves away. Rich background vocals are introduced giving the song a nice fullness that makes the chorus bloom. A short instrumental interlude is filled with tasty guitar licks and energizing organ lines.

As the song moves forward, listener's are treated to ear candy parts and wonderfully arranged vocal harmonies. The bridge provides a refresh in vibe while the groove and vocals continue to work their magic and keep the listener entranced. The climactic double chorus ends with a majestic ritardando and the song wraps up with a vamp.

The lyrics in “You Are Here” present the notion that one will begin to have confidence, regardless of ongoing struggles, when the presence of God is within them. Inspired by the book of Matthew chapter 14, lyrics such as “You’re my treasure through the storm,” and “You’re my confidence, I hide in you” highlight the songs inspirational message. The song’s lyrics are uplifting and inspiring.

"You are here and that’s enough. You’re my treasure. Nothing can contain us. Nothing separates us. From the bond of love I have in you."

“You Are Here” by Iryne Rock is powerful piece of music. The song is well written, and the performance is jaw dropping. The arrangement does a fantastic job of framing and showcasing Iryne’s talent as both a songwriter and artist, and the sheer power of her vocals will have listeners captivated and wanting more. Shout out to legendary producer, Billy Smiley, on an outstanding production.

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