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Irina Imme – ‘When I Was Young’

Review By Matt Wong & Staff

“When I Was Young” is an alternative pop-rock song by Irina Imme. The song begins intimately with just light acoustic guitar strumming and Imme’s pristine vocals. Halfway through the first verse, an electric guitar plays a staccato eight note part which adds a nice texture.

The arrangement continues to slowly build with the introduction of the bass playing on the downbeats in the second verse. Irina's arrangement is well-conceived producing a nice light groove with instrumental textures that keep the listener engaged. The song’s third verse and second chorus contrast the previous sections dynamically introducing well produced background vocals. The song nicely uses processed electric guitar in the spirit of U2.

The lyrics in “When I Was Young” are about young feelings of love. The song starts with youthful, euphoric dreams of being together forever, starting a life and family. As the song progresses, intimate and heartfelt lyrics describe the eventual avenue of loneliness, regret, and heartache.

“Take it all back now. Can I turn back time. I want to go back to when I was young. Because I gave it all. Lost what I could have had to be with you and I go back to when I was young."

“When I Was Young” by Irina Imme is a well written and performed song about looking back over past decisions and contemplating the intimate and complex emotions of love and loss. Irina effectively uses dynamics to shape and convey the story in the lyrics, featuring a beautifully crafted and creative arrangement. With an angelic voice full of nuanced expression, Irina is an artist to watch in 2020.

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About Irina Imme

Irina Imme is a Romanian 19 year old singer-songwriter who grew up in Brussels, Belgium and is now based in London. She has written over 130 original songs up to date, and seems to effortlessly be able to produce a catchy melody and relatable, thoughtful lyrics to go along with it.

Her debut single “When I Was Young” received a great amount of praise since it was released in November 2018. Irina wrote this song in 20 minutes, while coping with the aftermath of a broken heart. Her song brought Irina to 1st place for alternative music in her city on ReverbNation and 2nd place nationally. On the 15th of April 2019, her second single “A Sky of Gray” was released. This song explores a darker side of Irina’s life, addressing the struggles of coping with mental illness and insecurities. Every song in her EP "This Little Girl" tells a different chapter of her story and shows a different part of her and her life. She hopes that by sharing her original music with the world she will inspire others like her and offer a voice for the "underdog".


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