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Intelligent Diva - 'Henny Love'

Review by Anthony Nguyen & Staff

Intelligent Diva is a singer, rapper, and songwriter born out of Jacksonville, Florida. She treats her music as a business due to her primary background as an IT professional. Intelligent Diva is a Jill of multiple trades. She grew up singing in the church choir and high school chorus. Then became a background singer while living in Dexhein Germany. Currently, this new artist has a song featured in the film FLINTTALE featured by Marc Cayce called "Sexy Walk." The artist is known for her hits like "Boyshorts", "Lo Que Me Gusta", "Submit To You", and her latest album Seduction. "Henny Love" is a great way to get acquainted with Intelligent Diva's talent.

“Henny Love” by Intelligent Diva is a sultry, electric song that is a welcome burst of energy in these lethargic times. The beginning lyrics, “It’s the pandemic, we on lockdown, we can’t go nowhere, what we drinking tonight?” is an anthem to the frustration the world has been feeling since COVID has struck. The main electric flute like synth is straight out of a 70’s hit. The beat is especially outstanding. The bass and kick have a nice synergy, and while the kick has a more complex rhythm, the bass remains a steady foundation.

The vocals by Intelligent Diva are a mix of vocals and rap, and she absolutely nails every syllable. She exudes confidence, and her vocals indicative of her personality and the song as a whole, sexy and powerful. The intro, with her solo vocal completely dry, is a very engaging experience that draws listeners in. This soon slides into an intimate verse that is extremely mesmerizing.

The chorus manages to somehow ramp up the energy with clever arranging. The hook melody is especially catchy, which keeps listeners always waiting for the next one. The bridge breaks down the entire song and goes completely silent for a second, which allows the song to breath before exploding into the last chorus. Diva’s voice is mixed very well with the instrumentation. The ad libs scattered throughout the song are very well placed and keep the sections fresh and interesting.

“Henny Love” is an anthem for the “turn up.” The song is exciting the entire time, and almost impossible not to dance to. This is perfectly summed up in the lyrics, “Henny in his cup all night, pourin Remy in his cup all night, drink and laugh lets stay up all night”. Intelligent Diva’s great lyric writing and stellar vocals do a fantastic job illustrating this theme.

Overall, “Henny Love” by Intelligent Diva is a fantastic song that is sure to fuel excitement, whether at the club or blasting in the living room!

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