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Ihatekaye – “Incase”

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

ihatekaye’s “Incase” is a hypnotizing ode to the struggles of addiction, love, and heartbreak. Opening the track, reverberant piano lays down haunting melodies, met with distorted accents of guitar on the chord changes, setting a dark and somber timbre for the record. The intro gradually builds in intensity, adding in light percussion before ihatekaye jumps in with electric vocals.

Transitioning into the first chorus, the arrangement swiftly changes from the soft, legato melodies on the piano to a punchy arrangement with a four-to-the-floor kick, a steady thumping electronic bass, and accents of orchestral strings that help maintain that dark mood. ihatekaye goes right into the grit of things sharing his story as he sings,

“Not even grace could make me fall in love / And that says a lot guess I'm really fucked up / The last girl I loved told me double my cup /I fell to addiction and can’t get back up”

Bolstering the end of each phrase with fierce vocal harmonies, his vocals are clear, concise, and impactful.

As the song progresses, the track ebbs and flows between the hyped-up production of the chorus and solemn verses that allow ihatekaye to showcase a different aspect of himself and his vocals. “Incase” is an emotive track that allows listeners to connect and relate with ihatekaye as he tells his captivating story.


About ihatekaye

17-year-old Californian ihatekaye is a rising rockstar who successfully blends rock/alt, hyper pop, and orchestral influences into a cohesive distinctive sound while subtly paying tribute to some of his favorite emo-rap artists. His sound can best be described as a strangely harmonious yet electrifying declaration of anger, pain, love, and clarity. It serves as a war cry to anyone who struggles with facing their inner darkness.

“Incase" is just the beginning of ihatekaye’s emotional musical exploration. After a rough few years, this poetic artist is ready to tell his story through his impending Rich Heart Records debut, a six-track visual E.P. chronicling his journey through self-actualization while battling grief and addiction, overcoming mental health challenges, and, of course, freeing himself from toxic love. In telling his story, he aims to guide others through their struggles as well.

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