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Igor Anicic - 'We Got to Stay Together'

Review by Anthony Nguyen & Staff

Croatian based pop artist Igor Anicic is best known for his multilingual expression in 6 different languages and his songs in various genres. With a lot of positivity, sing-along-to hooks and catchy melodies, his music draws influence from various artist like Ed Sheeran, Sting, Bob Marley and Maná. Fluent in his native Croatian, as well as English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian, strives to reach audiences from all parts of the globe. His musical project “Songs for the World” shows a genuine desire to inspire peace and to spread a lot of positive energy during these strange times. His second single “Positivo” in Spanish is a Latin Pop song. Igor Anicic will be releasing his third single “Vamos ser feliz” in Portuguese on the 2nd of October 2020, followed by a new song released every 6-8 weeks through the end of 2020 and continuing in the year 2021. A great way to get to know Igo's talent and message is to check out his single, “We Got to Stay Together.”

Full of hope with stellar playing from the musicians, “We Got to Stay Together” by Igor Anicic is an excellently well crafted song. The drums, preformed by Branimir Gazdik, are extremely tight and full energy. They do a great job keeping the song rolling along. Likewise, the guitars have a great warm tone, and the arranging is absolutely brilliant. The parts are all placed perfectly, and they provide that special spice to the song without falling into the all too common trap of sounding like two guitars just stepping on everything. An arranging nod to Olja Desic for writing some really great parts.

The main vocal is especially standout. One of the most difficult things for a singer is being able to convey complex emotions, and Igor Anicic accomplishes this feat so effortlessly that it makes the song such a pleasure to listen to. Brimming with hope and optimism while maintaining energy throughout, Anicic’s performance is one for the books.

Each section flows so nicely into each other, the song never misses a beat in keeping the interest alive. The first verse seems bare, but gradually builds with well thought arranging from the drums and guitar. The pre-chorus plays its role perfectly of cleansing the palate before exploding into the chorus. Towards the beginning there is slide guitar that displays some breathtaking musicianship. Simple but extremely endearing the solo gives a very nice breather and adds an interesting detour from the main structure of the song.

The last chorus absolutely explodes, and the infectious spirit characteristic of the song really gets to shine. The arranging of the song is nothing short of brilliant, and Olja Desic makes sure something interesting is grabbing your attention every second.

It may come as no surprise that the inspiration for the song comes from the current situation of the world, and the desire to spread positive energy and create a less divisive planet. This song manages that to do that in earnest, with not only enthusiastic playing, but the lyrics also. This is illustrated beautifully when Anicic sings, “The politics should not affect so much us all. The human race comes first of all”.

It’s message of love and unity is something the whole world is short on at the moment and for a brief time, this song manages to encapsulate that feeling. With a masterful performance from the band, clever arranging and a heartfelt message, “We Got to Stay Together” is an outstanding achievement in songwriting.

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