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Ida Maree - Chapter 2

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Chapter 2” is a cascading, powerful musical statement. The song’s arrangement demonstrates absolute command over the genre. An intro creates a heavenly atmosphere with a beautiful piano melody, upper register tones, and a filtered vocal. The first verse is sparse, mainly piano and the soulful vocals of Ida Maree. Then the song crescendos into a chorus that comes off as strong and confident. The band begins to rock and we hear the genesis of what becomes a monster drum performance. This track continues to evolve through a “break down” chorus and high energy vocal riffing on the outro.

The lyric themes in “Chapter 2” are relatable and inspiring. “This time I won’t be shaken, this time I won’t be moved…I’m steppin’ into Chapter 2.” The intensity of the instrumental tracks and the impressive vocal command of Ida Maree serve this message in an irresistible way. “No lives gonna hold me hostage, No fears gonna tear me down.” Maree delivers these lines with pure authenticity.

“Chapter 2” has many things going for it. Top tier production values are present. Gifted instrumental tracks are on display. And as for her part, Ida Maree hits the nail on the head. She shines in so many ways on this track. Her vocal runs are impressive, she absolutely wails the chorus, and she’s able to draw listeners in during verses. I, personally, look forward to hearing more from this artist.

For links to Ida Maree's new album, please visit SongWhip.


About Ida Maree

From the clubs of the Gold Coast, to the theaters of Sydney, and into Black Gospel Churches of Melbourne, Houston, DC, Birmingham, LA, the Australian Gospel artist, Ida Maree, has had quite a musical journey. Her travels and singing have encompassed the true path of a musician searching for truth in her life. Her debut album, Saving Grace, was acclaimed as 'The Album of the Year' by Australia’s leading Christian Radio Charts.

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