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  • Bryon Harris

Ice - "Intro"

Review by Abby Kenna

“Intro” by Ice is a fiery indie-pop opener. With a serene soundscape wavy with stacks of harmonies and intimate vocals, this song is breathtaking, feeling like excitement and awe all at once.

“Intro” is the perfect album opener, launching us into Ice’s new EP 'Fabricated” with flair. It has the cinematic character of the beginning of a movie, embodying the excitement that comes with the opening scene to an epic story. The song opens into an indigo landscape of harmonies, richly layered to fill the mix with ambiance. Ice’s voice flows smoothly along the wave of vocals, swaying in glossy swells. Clear and close, her vocal production is similar to Billie Eilish's lucid tone, wherein you can imagine her singing right next to your ear. It complements the subtle boldness in her lyrics, instilling them with curious yet powerful energy:

“I'm going


Don't fuck with

My motives…”

A beat begins to filter in as “Intro” builds up, the sharp percussion removed at first as if you’re hearing it from a separate room. It intertwines with the arrangement as synth tones creep into the rich stacks of vocal harmonies, melting into the chords with ease. Suddenly, the scene shifts, and a striking piano lands at the center of attention. Billowing, reverb-laden drums sound alongside the dynamic piano, leading listeners through a surprising transition. “Intro” expands through this new section, embracing a fresh sonic landscape of plucked melodies and atmospheric vocal ad-libs. The track - once smooth and cool - now evolves into an exciting flame, radiating with the heat of confidence. Ice sings with determination as she announces her commitment to music and creativity:

“All I see is a life worth fighting for

So I'll give it all of my love and more”

“Intro” truly is a bold introduction, complete with a lush, evocative arrangement that sets the tone for the rest of Ice’s EP, establishing her unapologetic certainty in her life and goals. Building up tension through its instrumental emotion and lyrical confidence, this song will have listeners thrilled to hear the rest of the EP.


About Ice

Unapologetic; a simple way to encompass the new indie-pop artist ‘ice’. With sixteen years of music behind her, and nearly a decade of writing she is ready to enter the music industry with a bang. Drawing on influences from dark pop, psychedelia, and alt-rock she created her six-track debut EP 'Fabricated'. She can be recognized by her distinctive ‘aura branding’, viewing life, emotions, and music as colors rather than mere concepts. Her lyrics challenge archetypes that many girls in her generation can fall into, and pushes to fight against any preconceived notions of herself and the people around her.

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