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  • Bryon Harris

Hvley J & Cla$ - 'Baecation'

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Baecation” is an ultra-modern party jam with swagger and sass. Cla$’s intelligently down to earth flow compliments Hvley’s machinelike vocals perfectly. The whole song seems to have a bubbling intensity sitting just underneath its shiny surface. This is music with an edge. Slickly produced, “Beacation” is effortlessly authentic.

Lyrically “Baecation” is provocative and fun. “I wanna be with you baby, you’re like a staycation, my baecation, I don’t have to go nowhere”. The perfect message for the times, Hvley J & Cla$ make staying indoors sound like the hippest party on the block. “I think its time for a Baecay…sex good you keep me bustin’ like an AK”

The arrangement of “Baecation” creates an undeniable groove. Punchy synth bass and floating keyboard melodies compliment an intricate drum track to keep the energy pumping. Both vocalists deliver expressive performances that vibe perfectly with the instrumental track. Overall, this is a clever and catchy song that you’ll want to hear again and again.

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About Hvley J & Cla$

Haley Jane aka HvleyJ is a multifaceted artist from Northern California. Haley is not only a recording artist, but a painter, sculptor, designer and writer. Haley art has been shown in big art shows across the U.S. like Art Basel's Scope international contemporary art show, Scope New York, Art shows in ATL, and Cube Art Fair on 50 billboards across Miami. Haley's clothing line Dreamworld Clothing has been featured at many clothing conventions like Cobb convention in ATL and Magic Clothing convention in Las Vegas. Currently Dreamworld is in 24 stores across the U.S. and British Columbia. Check out Haley's Art and clothing. The other artist featured on the song Baecation is the amazing singer and rapper, Cla$. Cla$' vocals make his talent undeniable each time he blesses a song with his talent. He is currently working on a solo project as well. Haley Jane's album with Cla$ drops on May 1st called "work of Art". Both HvleyJ aka Haley Jane and Cla$ are not only just recording artists, but also painters as well. So it was only right to do a song called "Work of Art", which is also the album name. This song is not only about love, but also about loving yourself and your body. The hook says, "your body is a work of art".

Both Haley jane and Cla$ wanted to put out a project about something positive and something to promote self love in a pandemic where people are depressed. Check out their project- "Work of Art" dropping may 1st.

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