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  • Bryon Harris

Hunter and the Wick'd – ‘Dance Like You’re Falling in Love’

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

Hunter and the Wick’d is a Southern California based Americana duo. Its members consist of Virginia native, Miri Hunter and California native, Thom Merrick. After playing together for several years, they released their first recording together. The recording explores country/desert melodies and brings them into a contemporary folk style. Hunter and the Wick’d have performed throughout Southern California in places such as the Hard Rock Hotel in Palm Springs, The Federal Bar in Los Angeles, Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown and various other venues in Arizona, California and Nevada. Hunter and the Wick’d is available via cdbaby, iTunes, Amazon, as well as retail locations throughout the Southern California Hi-Desert.

“Dance Like You’re Falling in love” begins with a single note rhythmic line played on guitar and a four to the floor kick drum beat. The bass, a second guitar part, and percussion quickly enter, creating a jam session vibe. The intro is enticing with worldly ancient elements.

Warm lead vocals by Miri Hunter enter while the bass drops out. Omitting the low end is a brilliant arrangement choice, as it put the spotlight on the vocals, and allows for contrast and growth when the song moves to the B section and the bass re-enters. Miri shines with a relaxed and inviting vocal presentation.

The rhythm guitar grows and drives the song with a tight off-beat figure. The syncopation creates a sound that your body and mind can get lost in. The dynamics and overall arrangement also become much more involved as background vocals are introduced, giving the song more color. Lead guitar solos shimmer and muted strings add texture and punch.

The lyrics in “Dance Like You’re Falling in Love” are about pushing on despite hardships, disappointments, and grief. The band conveys to listeners that “You can’t hold back” and “You gotta let go.” The song is also about longing for love, but realizing that love first and foremost originates from within oneself.

“Dance Like You’re Falling in Love” by Hunter and the Wick'd is a creative and stimulating piece of music that captures a feeling of freedom and love. The jam session vibe brings listeners in as if they were at a small intimate concert. The band's performance is colorful and vivid. For fans of deep and creative music that moves the spirit, Hunter and the Wick'd is a group you will love.

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