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  • Bryon Harris

Hunter and the Wick'd - 'Livin' On The Fringe'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Hunter and the Wick’d is a Southern California based Americana duo. Its members consists of Virginia native, Miri Hunter, and California native, Thom Merrick. Thom and Miri came from varying musical traditions. Thom grew up during the punk music era and Miri trained as a classical pianist Their debut album explored contemporary folk music wrapped in desert dreams. Some of their favorite hit songs include “Tumbleweed Connection” , “Dance All Night in California,” and “I Don’t Wanna Talk Right Now.” Their latest song, "Living on the Fringe" will have you groovin' to themes of planetary consciousness.

Thom Merrick comes in with a slow basso nova groove on electric guitar and bass as Miri Hunter’s sultry and calm vocals flow along with the percussive foundation. The arrangement builds-up, moving into a hypnotic state. The simplicity of the melody and the beat vibe captures the essence of living day to day despite the troubled world. A speaking section at the end of the song, accompanied by improvisational and soulful humming, fades out with punctuated, syncopated bass and beats.

“Living on the Fringe” was written as a theme song for the Hi-Desert Fringe Festival in Joshua Tree, but can also serve as an inspiration for world change . The song is about living on the fringe, without restrictions and injustice; it is a radical theme that rejects societal norms. The hope is to live in a society where everyone has basic human rights, like the clever lyrics say:

“No, I don't mind when things go astray,

No, I’m not afraid except of yesterday,

I live on the fly, Just hello and then goodbye,

You say I’m living on the fray,

I say I’m living on the fringe.”

Hunter and the Wick’d are a dynamic duo with an energetic sound and free-spirited style. You can feel the love and passion in each note they play. “Living on the Fringe” is transformative. The visual lyrics take us under the desert skies and stars to a place of freedom and hope while the world is aching. Both Miri and Thom are inspiring lyricists and songwriters who communicate a new vision with clarity and confidence. Their song represents the world coming together, and it starts on the fringe with a heartfelt and well-performed song.


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