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  • Bryon Harris

Honey Made - 'Can You Feel It'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Can You Feel It” is instantaneously your new favorite song. This is a song that wastes absolutely no time establishing a killer classic-soul groove simmering with energy and vitality. The vocal performances are inspired and extremely engaging. This song is an absolute steamroller from start to finish. A killer chorus and phenomenal instrumental; performances elevate the song, making it irresistibly effective.

Lyrically, “Can You Feel It” is sure to put a smile on your face.

“Don’t know what happened but my feet just started tapping…starting hitting on the 1 on the way to the floor…as we say in Texas its about to go down.”

When combined with the feel-good music these lyrics jump with life.

“Can you feel it? Go one and put your hands together now.”

This infectious vocal hook sounds massive coming from a wall of perfect back-up vocals.

The arrangement of “Can You Feel It” is a masterclass in Soul songwriting. Expertly executed Half time, band Hits, Percussion breakdown, Double Time, and Bari sax solo sections blend seamlessly into one another. The expertise of the rhythm section and back-up vocals is astounding. The lead vocal is energetic and moving. “Can You Feel It” is the feel-good song of the year.

Stream on Spotify For more information on Honey Made, please visit their website.


About Honey Made

Austin’s HoneyMade bring back memories of legends like James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, and Earth Wind and Fire with their modern take on slamming primal soul and focus on their R&B roots. Having shared the stage with George Clinton & the Parliament Funkadelic, Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars, The Motet, Lee Fields, Roxy Roca and Flow Tribe, the band has already made quite a name for themselves locally, and are currently planning on rapidly expanding their audience beyond the Austin scene.

Now the band has released its first full length record titled “Brand New” in November of 2020 produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos. The record is comprised of ten tracks of original music. The album includes summer hit "Can You Feel It" that is sure to get the party started. The title track “Brand New” is about how finding the right person can make all things “Brand New.” It also speaks to the emergence of HoneyMade new music and a new direction. “Chicken Sweats” is about one of the band’s favorite foods but also let’s the listener know that there is more going on here. “Be True” is a more of traditional soul sound. Then there is funky instrumental “Southern Fried Funk” and the feel good track “So Good.”


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