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  • Bryon Harris

High Plains Drifters - ''Get Me Home by Christmas'

Review Written by Daniel Hoyt & Staff

“Get Me Home by Christmas Eve” is a country Christmas tune that has great substance. The song features an acoustic guitar strumming the chords, while a mandolin in the background is plucking away a cool little lead part. An electric or slide guitar is heard coming through at some points with tasteful leads.

The chorus of “Get Me Home by Christmas Eve” is the catchiest part of the song. It features a chorus of people singing harmonies, and has the “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson feel to it.

Please get me home by Christmas Eve / There's no other place that I would rather be / Please don't let me be alone / I can't wait to see you home / Lord please get me home by Christmas Eve / Want to spend my Christmas day in the USA / Lord please get me home by Christmas Eve.

The song was written by Larry Studnicky and John Macom, and was produced by Charles Carnecki with John Macom assisting. John Macom sings lead and in the verses has a true Johnny Cash vibe that will really resonate with fans of country music. The band is Larry Studnicky (songwriter, lead/backup vocals), Charles Czarnecki (producer, songwriter, keyboards, percussion, lead/backup vocals), John Macom (rhythm/electric guitars, lead/backup vocals) and Mike DoCampo (rhythm/electric guitars, backup vocals), all of whom are lifetime friends that created the group to bring happiness to listeners’ ears. The High Plains Drifters display a dense and diverse talent.

The song tells the story of a man hoping to make it home to his family for the Holidays. It was inspired primarily by the troops overseas and hope that the government will finally let the troops come home, but it can also be interpreted as an overall yearning for anyone you miss during the holidays. There are a +religious themes such as, “I’m praying to God tonight, please get me on this flight.” The main character is turning to God for assistance on getting him out of where he is currently so, “after all these empty miles, he’ll (I’ll) see how his (my) baby smiles.”

The High Plains Drifters has a very catchy song on their hands, and the upbeat chorus adds a nice contrast to the overall solemn inspiration behind the piece. The song has a deep message that’s somewhat related to the message of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” recorded by Bing Crosby in 1943. Hopefully the message of this song becomes true for all those abroad, so everyone can be home for the holidays.


About The High Plains Drifters

Born with a desire for the finer things in life, a passion for rock-n-roll, and a rich background in the entertainment industry, The High Plains Drifters is the new band merging various genres of infectious music that speaks to the rebel in us. Gearing up for the fall release of their self-titled album, this veteran band of wanderlust musicians delivers a unique rhythmic backdrop that showcases an array of melodies, hooks, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics that make it impossible not to sing along.

Before coming together as the The High Plains Drifters, the group’s members worked alongside legendary artists as Pete Townsend, Brian May, and Roger Taylor of Queen, Suge Knight of Death Row Records, Fred Schneider of the B-52’s, and Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees. John Macom’s music has been showcased in indie movies and TV shows, including Dawson’s Creek, Party of Five, and Felicity.

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