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Heavy AmericA - ‘If You Care’

Review By Matt Wong & Staff

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, HeavyAmericA offers up a diverse blend of rock idioms, from the expertly performed progressive rock circles to the edgy and incisive sounds of alternate rock rebellion. Blend in a pinch of stoner rock, and the listener has transcended the run of the mill, stagnant musical forms that occupy a good deal of the digital music we hear today. HeavyAmericA manages to defy the conveniences of category, presenting an arsenal of sounds and moods while unlocking a natural ability to employ a fiery insurgency across the seemingly endless styles the band works within.

“If You Care” begins with an electric guitar hook. Cymbal textures are then sprinkled in further into the intro to build the song’s momentum as it prepares to enter its first verse. On the first verse, Michael T. Seguin’s vocals enter, along with a tight groove by Dan Fried on drums, and Budd Lapham on bass while the guitar hook continues in the background.

The exciting chorus goes into a driving double time feel. The energy of the chorus alone will have listeners on edge and hooked as it takes them on a musical rollercoaster ride.

Following the chorus, the song returns back to its original laid back feel for another verse before launching into a fiery and expressive guitar solo, taking the song to another high just when listeners thought it had peaked. The song ends with one final chorus, which features some ear catching stop time moments.

The lyrics in “If You Care” examines the indignities and broken promises in society, while simultaneously offering a ray of hope. The lyrics, “a broken suit holds an empty promise, a subtle beware of what’s out there, if you care” and “You’re always the last to know, and the first to care” brings out this theme. In addition, the lyrics encourage listeners to be there, listen, and offer help to others.

“If You Care” by Heavy AmericA is a well written song performed with spot-on attitude and raw energy. The theme of the lyrics contains a powerful message, and is translated equally as powerfully into music with the song’s interesting arrangement. With this song, Heavy AmericA demonstrates the extent of their talents as songwriters and performers, crafting a song that speaks to listeners while using their high level of musicianship to bring the song's meaning to life.

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