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Hayley Biegel – ‘This Very Moment’

Review By Matt Wong

“This Very Moment” is a song by indie folk-pop singer songwriter Hayley Biegel. The song begins with some harmonic-like arpeggio runs colored with swirling ambiance. The groove with bass and light drums, along with Biegel’s bright and lovely vocals, enter on the first verse. Sweet background vocals can also be heard, and effectively bring out the important lines in the first verse.

The pre-chorus allows for the bass the shine briefly, playing a melodic bass-line, before building towards the chorus with driving eighth notes. Lyrics that stand-out for their emotional and honest intensity bring listeners deep into the song.

"When you Love you someone so deeply, it hurts. You lose yourself completely."

The chorus nicely blooms through a well written melody, Biegel’s powerful vocals, and excellent arranging and production. The groove lifts in intensity and becomes even more infectious. This chorus has all the makings of a hit song.

"I take a breath and close my eyes I’ve lost myself a hundred times But I’ll keep trying and hoping to stay in this very moment I can’t wait to see you tonight I’m in love and I’m on fire Can’t help floating and I know I’m throwing away This very moment."

The song then enters its bridge which provides excellent contrast to the previous sections of the song through minimal instrumentation, which allows Biegel’s pristine vocals to take the driver's seat. A soft beginning to the last chorus builds anticipation for listeners before the song ends with full intensity.

The lyrics in “This Very Moment” are a reclamation and a reminder to return to oneself, even in the midst of intense emotions. Biegel wrote this song while contemplating the effects that various relationships had on her. The line “I take a breath and close my eyes. I’ve lost myself a hundred times” will jump out to listeners. Hayley's intimate portrayal of being "head over heals" has an authentic, honest and intimate flavor.

“This Very Moment” by Hayley Biegel is a great piece of songwriting featuring a top- notch performance. Biegel’s powerhouse vocals, the song’s background vocals, and the excellent vocal production are the driving forces behind this song’s success. With songs like "This Very Moment", Hayley takes her place on stage with stand-out independent artists to watch in 2020. Shout out to Skyler Cocco on a fantastic production.

For more information on Hayley Biegel, please visit her website.

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About Hayley Biegel

Hayley Biegel is a singer-songwriter based in New York. Originally from Maryland, she began singing and playing piano at age five and went on to major in voice at New York University.

Her childhood and teenage years were shaped by the various choirs she belonged to, and they instilled in her a love for harmonies that is present in all her songwriting. From her humble beginnings lip syncing in the mirror for hours every night, to getting a degree in vocal performance and performing on New York stages such as Knitting Factory, Rockwood Music Hall, and Bowery Electric, Hayley has a passion for sharing her voice with the world.

With a background in musical theatre, country music, choral music and classical piano, along with influences like the Dixie Chicks, Maggie Rogers, Sara Bareilles, Bon Iver, Indigo Girls and Sufjan Stevens, Hayley writes and produces noteworthy indie-pop music.


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