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Harlym – “Senses”

Written by Brandon Watts & Staff

Harlym entrances listeners with her infectious pop single “Senses.” The beat produced by Nomad kicks things off with an enticing guitar motif with a slightly washed, detuned sound that gives it an almost ethereal vibe. Bringing us into the verse, the lead motif drops out leaving a duet between bouncy rhythm guitar and the smooth timbre of Harlym’s voice.

Harlym's mezmerizing laid back vocal flow draws listeners in as she accents her phrases with light vocal harmonies. Pumping things up, the beat evolves with a deep sub bass and tight hip-hop style drums that give the track a modern, radio-ready sound.

“Senses” is all about falling in love so deep that you loose all of your senses and even though you know it’s not good for you, you don’t want to stop. Throughout the verses, Harlym gives her inner monologue on the sensation of this feeling and the thoughts going through her mind. Then, with a seamless transition into the chorus she ties the theme together singing,

“It's this feeling that is getting me down Making my head spin around Pushing my heart to the ground Makes me ignore every sound Every touch every sight every taste every smell But that's life so oh well.”

Harlym’s hypnotizing vocals drop out for a reprise of the lead guitar motif, driving the groove of the song and making you want to move your body. “Senses” has a “top 40” chartable vibe that anyone could get hooked to making it a great add to your playlist. Make sure to keep up with the latest news from Harlym and give this incredible track a listen!


About Harlym

Harlym is a 17 year old American singer-songwriter. She was born in Clarksville Tennessee, but moved frequently throughout her childhood from Louisiana, Washington Dc, Detroit, Florida, Virginia, and Baltimore City, where she spent most of her time. Her non-traditional upbringing motivated her unique sound. Harlym uses her voice as a vehicle taking you on a vibey journey through her mind. Using music as an element that transcends physical restraints, Harlym is not afraid to share her knowledge to enlighten the world.

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