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  • Bryon Harris

Happy Curmudgeons - 'Jack Russel'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Happy Curmudgeons ease us into this fun, humorous tune with a grooving guitar followed closely by upbeat percussion. From the very beginning, it’s clear that “Jack Russel” could be the feature song at an old Wild West saloon complete with wise, raspy vocals and expressive solos.

Happy Curmudgeons have done a fantastic job bringing together a myriad of bluesy, exciting elements into one complete work that flows flawlessly together. The group, consisting of Dave Hamilton, Amy Dixon-Lavery, Tumbleweed and Jeff Warner, present an upbeat and energetic vibe. Mark Byerly of the Bob Seger Band produced the song giving the mix a tight sound.

“Jack Russel” is as much a story as it is a piece of music. Happy Curmudgeons tell an engaging tale of a bounty hunter who meets his fate due to his weakness for a blue-eyed girl. The artists completely embody the style they are creating under, making the listener feel as if they are pulled into another time and place entirely.

“Old Jack Russell was a real cruel dude, Nothing in the world that he wouldn't do When It came to business, he was very shrewd Old Jack Russell knew what to do.”

Happy Curmudgeons are a band that truly understand what true entertainment means. “Jack Russel” takes your mind on a journey while serenading your ears with classic, bluesy rock. At the end of the day, one is left satisfied and wanting more from a talented band that creates music in the name of fun and good spirits.


About Happy Curmudgeons Dave Hamilton started the Happy Curmudgeons in 2015. He enlisted other studio musicians to record their first album, Meant 2 Be, that was released in 2017.

For more information, visit the Happy Curmudgeons website.

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