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  • Bryon Harris

Happy Curmudgeons - '3rd Coast'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“3rd Coast” is an engaging song with deep roots and a powerfully emotional tone. Vocal harmonies and a stripped-down arrangement give the song a timeless feeling. Melodic hooks are rhythmic and catchy, and the overall vibe of the song has an earthy quality. Listeners will love how the Happy Curmudgeons utilize classic sounds and textures while offering something fresh and alive.

Lyrically, “3rd Coast” explores the unmistakable feeling of driving home from far away. “Driving home with the windows down, let the breeze be the only sound, Over hills and to the lake, heading there - make no mistake.” The peaceful determination in these lyrics is intoxicating. “And the 3rd coast is calling, Calling me back home.” The repetition of these lyrics becomes like a mantra, effectively capturing the feeling of being homeward bound.

The arrangement of “3rd Coast” is concise yet substantial. Mandolin, shaker, and acoustic guitar provide the perfect accompaniment for an expressive vocal melody. The harmonic motion creates a vivid energy, and the combined rhythms of the string instruments provides an insistent motion. Overall, this is a great song with a huge sound and engaging deliveries. “3rd Coast” is the perfect road trip song.

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About Happy Curmudgeons

The Happy Curmudgeons are a group of studio musicians from the metro Detroit area. The group was formed by Dave Hamilton in 2015 and released their first album - Meant 2 Be - in 2017. The band is currently working on their second album - 2nd Chances - with their producer, Mark Byerly. The Happy Curmudgeons released their single of 2nd Chances in 2020 and won Best Song at the 2020 W.A.M. music awards in the folk/americana category. They have also released two other singles from their new project - Jack Russell & I Know How You Feel in 2021.


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