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  • Bryon Harris

Happy Curmudgeons - '3rd Coast'

The Happy Curmudgeons have been on the BWH Music Group radar for some time now. The super talented band is made up of studio musicians mainly from the metro Detroit area. Dave Hamilton, the HC's lead singer, put the band together and they released their first album, Meant 2 Be, in 2017. The band is currently working on their next project with producer, Mark Byerly.

Their song "3rd Coast" is destined to be a fan favorite with it's free wheelin' vibe and cool lyrics. '3rd Coast' is hard song to box into a genre. It's the kind of song that has a little of everything and a lot of what people love. Listener's will hear a bit of 60's folk rock, some southern rock, a little Americana, a bit of blues, and a whole lot of soulfulness.

"3rd Coast" opens with some very fine bright and crisp mandolin strumming. The clearness of the bright strings are a great backdrop for Dave Hamilton's earthy vocals. "What I'd give for a summer day, I'll imagine one anyway. Drivin' home with the windows down, let the breeze be the only sound." Right from the start, listeners are invited into a sound that grooves, lyrics that shine, crisp musicianship, and whiskey-tinged vocals.

As the song moves forward, the ears will dig the ultra smooth walking bass lines and bursts of mandolin riffs. The chorus is exceptionally contagious with a sing-along quality.

"3rd coast is callin'

Calling me back hone

3rd coast is callin'

This bird has flown

and this rolling stone is going home."

The lyrics not only call listener's back to good times in the summer by the great lakes, but even more than a place by the water, the words evoke a feeling of youth, freedom, and love. There's "no time for hate" in this song.

Roll down your window, crank up "3rd Coast" by Happy Curmudgeons and let the music take you to a place that feels like your high on life.

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