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  • Bryon Harris

Happiness Junkies - 'Miss You Like Crazy'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Sylvie Marie

“Miss You Like Crazy,” is a heartfelt, folk-rock ballad with intertwining machines and musical instruments. The intro starts with a melancholy melody played on the guitar and a somber beat on the drums. The euphoric sound in the harmonic progression resembles a memory passing or fading the mind. Even the clear-toned, sultry vocals have a sweet sadness to them.

The performance by songwriters O. Lakeman and E. Martens interpret the emotions of a soul experiencing loss and longing. The long hits on the drums and the gradual buildup in the melody from verse to chorus bring the song and the soul full circle.

What does it mean to miss someone dear to your heart? Happiness Junkies illustrate the sound of longing with a somber, yet beautiful melody and a slow drawn progression that depicts the way loss feels in time. There is a circular, lost in time, feel that the duo creates through their use of space allowing the song's emotion to feel suspended in time.

In the second verse, as the beat progresses through the chorus, the lyrics pull at your heart. When the heart yearns for a past love, it can feel like it's hard to carry on.

“I know life will always carry on is it all a matter of believing align allowing and receiving, but baby please sometimes, I don't know how to do that and then. I miss you like crazy.”

“Miss You Like Crazy” captures a deep passion in a way that only music can. O. Lakeman and E. Martens have given their heart and soul to this song through their intense, somber arrangement and heart retching lyrics.

Happiness Junkies are extraordinary songwriters and musicians. They use electric beat machines and sorrowful harmonies and melodies to create a sound that feels like it is floating, yet heavy at the same time - this sound consumes you, slowly and beautifully, until the very last note.

For more information, visit the Happiness Junkies website.


About Happiness Junkies

Why not try a slow pace in a fast world... The Happiness Junkies are an emo indie slowbeat rock duo from Amsterdam. Their sound uses electric guitar, piano, female vox and a rhythm box.

What if... with just female vocals, piano and electric guitar you pretty much sound like a band What if... piano and electric guitar parts somehow entwine What if... the simple sound of a drum machine seems just right What if... you turn the tempo down to a slowbeat and... What if... two band members are more than enough What if... you're addicted to happiness, but at the same time touched

For more information, please visit the Happiness Junkies on Bandcamp or on their



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