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Groov Marro - "City View"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“City View” is a fresh and smooth track that is endlessly cool. This is exactly the kind of song you want to blast while driving through the city at night in a convertible. The confidence displayed by this song gives off infectious energy, you might even start walking differently if you were listening to this while strolling down the street. The sound design is exciting and it totally pops, it creates a unique soundscape for the vocals to thrive on top of. The track is epic in a subtle way, you really feel successful and powerful while listening to it.

The lyrics of “City View” aim to reflect on how good it feels to be very successful. Groov Marro is at the top of his game and the view from up high looks real good. The chorus’ has a catchy rhyming scheme as well as a good hook to make it memorable. The lyrics in the chorus reflect on how hard it can be to overcome struggles when striving for success, and how there are always people who try to tear you down.

“We been way up but they want us low, we gonna’ stay up we gotta let them know, we looking from the city view though the city’s cold”.

The verses feature fast-paced rapping with fierce and passionate lyrics.

“I’m on a mission I’m gonna’ get it I’m boiling now, no pot to piss into women screamin’ I’m gorgeous now”.

The arrangement features a wide variety of synth sounds and catchy beats. The sound design feels truly inspired by city lights and neon clubs as they shimmer and glide throughout the whole track. Equally as important, all the sounds also totally react well to one another and seamlessly blend in with each other. The vocals also provide a lot of variety as they go back and forth between singing and rapping. Guest vocalist Garf sings the chorus’ with a restrained but super smooth sensibility that makes it feel good to sing along with, while Groov provides fiery verses that are boosted by his unique and gritty voice. “City View” is a banger and has such a strong vibe that it’ll have a transformative effect on your mood while you listen to it.

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About Groov Marro

Groov Marro was raised in the Philadelphia/Norristown area. Some of his musical inspiration from childhood forward range from Ludacris, jay z, t.i, Eminem, mac miller, Anderson Paak, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, and Joey Badass. Groov Marro stands out among his peers with a very unique style. Whether it be his unique look, his positive/deep yet clever lyrical ability, or his humble yet cocky personality. One thing is for sure is that he is in a lane of his own. Currently serving his 6th year in the US Army National Guard, he juggles working as an American soldier and perusing his full-time career in music. He has performed on multiple stages for multiple companies such as uptown open-mic, Vibe Star Ent, DJ Dior Cartel's Industry Exposure 2, Original Block Hustlers, SB Entertainment, and Spill Music Group LLC just to name a few. Most notably he has performed alongside Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Juda Priest. As a solo artist, he has put together one mixtape called "The Vibe" and has released multiple songs/music video singles!


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