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  • Bryon Harris

Greye - 'I Don't Mind'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“I Don’t Mind” shoots out of the gate with tons of edge and swagger. Distorted guitars and pinch harmonics soar over rocking bass and drums. Verses are driving yet contained, featuring expressive, rhythmic vocals. This evolves into a knockout chorus.

The band opens up and vocals increase in intensity, bringing the music to a boil. The music seems to swirl around like a tornado during dynamic peaks. All parts sit together extremely nicely in this song. Subtle textures of piano and backup vocals add depth to the sound.

Lyrically, “I Don’t Mind” is incisive and direct. “I don’t mind that stranger times call for the extreme, Why deny that they can hear you better if you scream.” The energy used to deliver these lyrics give them an assertive feeling. The tag-line “communication desperado” says it all, brilliantly stating the importance of understanding in human relationships. “Oh, never mind I’m losing time, it’s slipping through my hands, I don’t need a way with words, just ways to understand.” Relatable and insightful, these lyrics give listeners yet another reason to invest in this song.

Instrumental performances on “I don’t Mind” are energetic and raw, injecting the music with an authenticity that wins over listeners. A shattering vocal performance offers an intensity that evolves throughout the song. Classic arrangement techniques are utilized to give this song a heavy feeling. It carries a fresh sound while standing on the shoulders of giants. Rock music at its best, make sure that you’re somewhere that you can crank the volume when you listen to “I Don’t Mind.”


About Greye

Introducing GREYE - the Progressively Independent band from Daytona Beach, Florida. Breaking all of the so-called industry rules of musical "conformity" and cookie cutter cloning;" GREYE combines the best musical energy and style available anywhere today. Hannah Summer and GREYE deliver song after powerful song; single handedly blazing a trail into the future of music.

Their newest release "So Far So Good" is off to an explosive start. This newest record delivers 10 fresh and powerful tunes that have instant and lasting crowd appeal. Right from the start the first 4 released singles from “So Far So Good" found heavy rotation on multiple indie, internet, and top 40 terrestrial radio-stations all over the United States and abroad; including 39 weeks in the top twenty charting on the World Indie and Euro Indie TOP 100 with all 4 spending several weeks in the #1 position. Recorded at the world-famous Plush Recording Studios in Winter Park, Florida and produced by multi-platinum engineer Brian Reeves - GREYE left nothing to chance with this release. Don't worry about trying to pigeon hole this band into a specific genre, just give GREYE one listen or attend one live show - that's all you'll need, and you'll be on the GREYE-Train; Promise!

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