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Gregg Sgar - 'Don't Go Outside'

Review b Sylvie Marie & Staff

Contributing to the evolution of new music, Gregg Sgar's musical output is a product of experimentation as he blends electronic with the sounds of Rock, Lo-Fi, Chill, R&B, and Hip Hop . Modern influences include Matt Healy, Paul Meany, Billie Eilish, Leon Bridges and classic vocalists such as Chris Cornell, David Bowie, Trent Reznor, and Prince. Gregg Sgar makes a impact. Hailing from New Jersey, Gregg's music has no borders.

Wherever you may be during the pandemic, "Don't Go Outside" is a song everyone can relate to right now. Gregg wrote it while being stuck inside, quarantined, at home from the current Covid-19 social restrictions. The song hits on the emotional toil of not being able to see those you love. Gregg explores the multitude of thoughts and feelings that arise from isolation.

The opening of 'Don't Go Outside' commences with a stirring vocalese sung with multiple voicings. The choir-like introduction sounds like a group sighing through the contemplative melodic lines. With the use of effects, the voices resonate as though they are in a large hall, in unity. There is a slight gospel feel to the collective vocal soulfulness.

From the start, the moving and melancholy sound captures your attention. As the entrancing introduction continues, electronic textures add contrast and a solo tenor voice is heard in the background singing a smooth, legato syllabic line. The well-conceived introduction showcases Gregg's exceptional creativity.

Breaking through, piano and percussion are added and suddenly a groove is established. Greg enters singing the catchy chorus, "I remember a time when we feelin' alive / I remember a time when we feelin alright / I remember a time when you by my side / I remember it all." Gregg's voice has a definite chill vibe, but other flavors are mixed in as well including R & B for a moving performance. Never a dull moment, the song moves into a section called "Day One' that is narrated over the track. At this point, the mix yields to the spoken word and is more sparse. Here Gregg's voice is soft and tender as he talks about the isolation, fear and trauma caused by the pandemic. "Lets see if it gets me, if I just lay in bed." The song continues in this format with narrated versus followed by a strong chorus. The song ends with a gorgeous layering of vocals over the chorus where Gregg's vocal performance soars.

Gregg Sgar's "Don't Go Outside" captures your ears at every turn. His creative and imaginative arrangement is brilliant. "Don't Go Outside" takes the emotions of the pandemic, sometimes hard to put into words, and expresses a full gamut of feelings including love, sadness, fear and anger. "Don't Go Outside" will give you something very meaningful to do while you are stuck inside - a chance to listen to music that has boundless artistic substance.


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