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Greg C. Brown - 'Building 7'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Building 7” is an epic tour-de-force filled with mind melting guitar performances and an insane amount of energy. The energy is cranked up right from the start and “Building 7” shows no fear and never dares to slow down. The source of variety is held high on the shoulders of all the different guitar riffs and the lead guitar lines that act as the melodic vocalists for this track. “Building 7” is so heavy and momentous, you’ll be headbanging throughout the whole track.

While this is an instrumental track, it’s title carries a huge weight and gives this epic song some seriously emotional depth. “Building 7” is referring to the last building to fall on 9/11. But this building didn’t fall in the midst of the chaos, it fell later on in the evening. It held on for as long as it could before it couldn’t stay up anymore. This is the inspiration for this heavy metal track and it’s truly heartbreaking. “Building 7” Cultivates a strong sense of power and the title adds a sense of fortitude to the song’s vibe.

The guitars are absolutely gnarly and very much in your face. The melodic guitar lines show so much range, going from really lyrical-type lines to really rapid and sporadic soloistic lines. It’s a blast following along with melodic content, there is storytelling here even without words. It almost sounds as if the guitars are conversing with one another. The drums help immensely with “Building 7’s” astonishing and dark exuberance. The drummer knew precisely when to switch up the feel and when to throw in some really tasty drum fills. “Building 7” is a fist pumping intense song inspired by strength, but also a truly dark time in American history.

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About Greg C. Brown

To date, Mr. Brown has released over 20 CDs either under his own name, his band Age of Fire or various projects. He has performed in Europe, across the United States and Canada. Brown is a member of the Guitar Foundation of America, the Charlottesville Classical Guitar Society, the College Music Society, Chamber Music America and the Society of Composers, Inc. He taught guitar at Mary Baldwin College from 2004-2006, and other private institutions for 10 years and is currently teaching privately in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, where he resides. Greg is a graduate of the Music, Video and Business program at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and has a Bachelor’s in Business from City University in Bellevue, Washington with a specialty in Music Industry.

He is currently working towards his Master’s Degree in Music Composition at the Vermont College for Fine Arts. His music can be been heard on TV, Film, Video Games and radio stations around the world. His music has even been transcribed into Braille. Mr. Brown’s recordings are distributed globally through The Orchard, and purchased and streamed wherever files can be downloaded or streamed. His compositions are available through Les Productions D’Oz and J.W. Pepper.

For more information on Greg Brown, please visit his website.


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