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Goin' Down South - 'Boomtown'

By Victoria Scott & Staff

Goin Down South is John Liggett (lead vocal, guitar, harmonica) and Reverend Brian Mickey (drums, backing vocal, percussion). The Chicago blues rock band formed in 2013 and have since released four full length CD’s. On their latest album, Preacher Got A Gun, the duo is joined by session veteran Robert Mickey (guitar) and ex-Koko Taylor and Melvin Taylor band member Ricky Levi Nelson (bass). Steeped in traditional deep blues and brought up to date with a focus on hill-stomp trance blues, Goin’ Down South plays folk magic hoodoo music. Goin’ Down South will be promoting Preacher Got A Gun with a string of regional shows this Fall. Off the album, the song "Boomtown" is the perfect way to get acquainted with the band's sizzling talent.

Goin’ Down South is ready to get down in their song “Boomtown” from their album Preacher Got a Gun. The fantastic John Liggett, lead vocalist, guitarist, and rock n’ harmonic player nails the introduction showcasing a booming rhythm section. Reverend Brian Mickey, drummer and percussionist; Robert Micky, guitarist; and Ricky Levi Nelson, bassist; kill the tight rock n’ roll groove.

Dark and massive drum hits, dynamic guitar riffs, wailing distorted harmonica, and booming vocals ride the chorus. Scott Herschler, sound engineer, and John McCartney mastered the hard-gritty and high energy performance.

“Boomtown” is the magic of folk hoodoo blues and the rumbling grit of rock n’ roll.

The instrumentation and lyrics are masterfully performed. This free-spirited hometown song moves the body and soul with its blues roots and rock n’ roll hardness. The energy and heat from the lyrics has an infectious and forceful impact as the line repeats, “I got the knock down, let down, low down blues here in Boomtown Yeah, Boomtown Here in Boomtown Yeah, Boomtown Here in Boomtown Yeah, Boomtown I got the knock down, let down, low down blues I got the knock down, let down, low down blues I got the knock down, let down, low down blues.”

The magic of great musicianship hits you like a gush of wind when you hear “Boomtown” by the spectacular Goin’ Down South. John’s howling harmonica is on fire while Robert, Brian, and Ricky flame the sound with marvelous and seasoned musicianship playing tight and stunning riffs off their nimble fingers. Goin' Down South has pure and intoxicating soul. The polish of high a level of performance mixed with the rawness of bluesy grit and gut make Goin’ Down South’s artistry deserving of a thunderous applause as they put forth their electrifying blues sound.

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