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  • Bryon Harris

Gobbana - "OOPS"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“OOPS” is the musical embodiment of uplifting positivity. The beat will make you bob your head while the lyrics will have you smiling. Gobbana’s flow is smooth and confident throughout the song. High production values make this song shimmer. Catchy vocal hooks and an overall hyped-up sound carry this music and give listeners something undeniable.

Lyrically, “OOPS” is inspirational, tackling themes of perseverance and positivity.

“Oops, I was just a oops had holes in my roof now the coup got no roof (roof roof roof roof)bitches barking from the stoop young Simmons in the paint homie I ain't gotta shoot.”

There is a palpable feeling of resilience in this music.

“If you hear I'm going broke that's a fluke, Just be throwing money up I make all my money puke.”

These lyrics are a pure shot of confidence.

“OOPS” is an extremely fun song. The massive backup vocals and an ultra-smooth beat set the perfect backdrop for Gobbana’s vocals. Simultaneously laid-back and energetic, this song is insanely infectious. The uplifting quality will have you smiling while you feel the message. “OOPS” is an absolute banger…make sure it's on your playlist.

Learn the official dance for "OOPS" with this tutorial!

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About Gobbana

The world needs a Philly rapper from the projects. One who influences us all with the tenacity and maturity to talk about solutions rather than a stagnant rapper complicit with their complaints. Gobbana utilizes eloquent lyricism, visceral melodic lines, and witty punchlines over a dancy, modernized trap/rap sound to communicate his message of empowerment. Opening for Migos and K-Camp, creating an award-winning stage play to improve college retention rates, modeling, constructing a fashion line, hosting a radio show, and educating at schools solidifies his mark on the world.

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