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Gerardo Loidi

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

Born in La Plata City, Argentina, Gerardo Loidi was part of the music industry in the 1970's. Then, for the next 37 years, he became a Geologoist. In 2017, he joined went back to music and started writing songs. Currently, he is a Soklo artist and the name of his brand is TL Total Life. His song, "A Great Love" puts Loidi back into the scene with a great song about love in times of war.

“A Great Love” begins with colorful layers of acoustic guitars, synth, and bass. In addition to a melodic hook, listeners can hear rakes and arpeggios mixed with the shifting synth part that sound like they are swirling around, augmented with harmonics and other sounds that creates a thick and rich palette of sound grounded by the bass for the intro.

Following this collage of textures, Loidi’s vocals enter on the first verse. The bass drops out for the beginning of the verse, creating a void in the low end, which effectively puts the spotlight on the vocals, while the guitars and synth support it from the sides. The bass returns halfway through the verse, joining in together with background vocals which begin to give the song width and development.

After the second verse, the song goes into the bridge and features beautiful sweeping string parts that, together with the rich vocal harmony, gives the song space, and flow. An instrumental section, driven by an acoustic guitar melody, follows the bridge, and the song goes through the form one more time.

The lyrics in “A Great Love” are a contemplation of the First World War and the tragedy of war. With the lyrics, Loidi helps listeners experience the pain of a conflict that happened more than 100 years ago through a couple that suffered from their own experience of the war. When the “winds of war started blowing…uncertainty invaded their lives.” As a soldier, the man asks god, to “please take care of me I don’t wanna die in these foreign fields…don’t let me here alone” as his wife is waiting for him at home. The lyrics tell an honest account of war, as the man writes to his wife to tell her “how much he is suffering.” However, “every second she is on his mind, gives him the strength to be alive.”

“A Great Love” by Gerardo Loidi is a well written and performed song. With this song, Loidi demonstrates to his audience that he is a triple threat – performer, songwriter, and producer. He uses his talents as a performer to deliver the magic behind his melody and lyrics, and wraps it all together with a stellar arrangement and production. This song is for listeners who crave a good story, both lyrically and musically.

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