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  • Bryon Harris

Gene Wilder’s Vacation- "I'm Not Better Than Anyone" (feat. Andy Dick)

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“I’m not Better Than Anyone” is a provocative and powerful musical creation. There is a darkness as well as a layer of hope in this cathartic work. A persistent rhythm presents a through line in this song that is eclectic and experimental. Wonderful explorations of different sounds and expressions are expertly done. The gritty verses are contrasted by the emotional release of the choruses. All layers are well conceived and fit together nicely.

Lyrically, “I’m not Better Than Anyone” is nuanced and meditative. The repetition of the phrase “I’m not better than anyone” creates a contextual hypnosis which informs the rest of the lyrics. “Some people call it living. Some people call it devil. Some people call it hoo doo. Some people call it devil.” There is a unifying appeal to universal humanity in this song. Gene Wilder’s Vacation makes an impactful statement about embracing one’s dark side and the prospective growth which may result from doing so. “Haven’t slept in weeks, but I found my peace.” As this song beautifully states, we are not separate from our faults.

The arrangement of “I’m not Better Than Anyone” is courageous and determined. The amalgam of influences results in an engaging and unique sound. The industrial edge that is present in the opening of this song is expanded upon and developed into an uplifting chorus. Impressive rhythmic vocal expressions create an emotional peak in the song, while a spoken word section by the great Andy Dick adds a completely unique layer to the music. Scream vocals, intricate drum programming, harmonically brilliant developments and a true commitment to a singular vision result in a great work of art. “I’m not Better Than Anyone” is the kind of song that will shake you awake and encourage reflections.


About Gene Wilder's Vacation

Mind-bending Electronic Island Rock / Experimental Pop from NJ started in 2017. After touring as a drummer since 2005 in the metalcore band The Murder & the Harlot (Hotfoot Records) and devil blues rock band Reese Van Riper (Mint 400 records) I decided to write my own sounds that inspire both euphoria and scare you. Influenced by noise, pop-punk, hardcore/metalcore hip hop and pop, Gene Wilder's Vacation forms it's own brand of Electronic Island Pop-Punk Rock.

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