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Gene Maurice - 'Last Show'

Hailing from Catalan, Maurice Gene is a composer, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Maurice is influenced by the sounds of the seventies (Jackson Browne, Eagles, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Tim Buckley, Bruce Springsteen…). A true Renaissance man, his talent is in many areas - he composes, records, mixes and produces all his material on his own. After twenty years of focusing on shared projects and collaborations, Maurice is now working on his own projects. In his own personal career, he took inspiration from twenty years of learning, training, experimenting, and collecting musical and social knowledge in order to find the lyrics and sound he wanted.  Off his album, 'Golden Days', Maurice explores new territory with his song "Last Show." The song is about domestic violence and it delves into darker territory for Maurice. "Last Show" is the main theme song for the terror-thriller film "Última Sessión." Maurice wrote the song, and the entire soundtrack for the film. "Last Show" won the prize for the best soundtrack at the iChill International Manila Film Festival. "Last Show" opens with a muted, staccato-pizzicato guitar-line. The phrasing is scale-like, swift and intense. It creates an edge-of-your-seat anticipation. Soon, harmonica enters for a mysterious sound. More instruments are gradually added to the mix: bass, percussion, electric guitar riffs. When all the pieces come together, the sound is an engaging blend of psychedelic-rock, surf-rock, blues and acoustic. The musicianship is excellent and includes Maurice Gene (Vocals, Chorus, Guitars, harmonica), Míriam Flores Alsina (Vocals, Chorus), Xavier Jou (Drums), Jacobo Garcia (Bass) and Francisco Celma (Trumpet).

The vocals of the song are performed in a duo by Gene and Míriam Flores Alsina and both singers do an amazing job with subtle expression and nuance. Gene's voice is emotional and earthy while Míriam Flores Alsina vocals are pure. The two singers contrast and compliment each other well. The lyrics to "Last Show" are poignant and pack an emotional punch that you won't soon forget.

"You’re on the evil’s side, You run my Demons’ Fair, and when you get home late, you grab me and hit my face."

In "Last Show," Gene Maurice shows his colors as a composer who is excellent at his craft. Full of intensity, emotion, and imaginative scoring, "Last Show" is a show that has a lasting impression and makes a strong statement.


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