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Güten Morgan - 'Runnin' Out of Time'

Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

A deep, rich bass ostinato opens “Runnin’ Out of Time” with confidence and groove, followed soon by punchy drums. By hearing the intro to the song and the grit of the bass, one would expect the artist’s vocals to match this grittiness. Güten Morgan surprises his listeners with a voice that is smooth and gentle, gliding weightlessly on top of the rest of the mix. Hints of tasteful backing vocals give the song a melodiously melancholic feel, while a recurring chorus acts as a catchy gravitational center for the song.

The lyrics of the song seem to revolve around the feeling of waking up one morning to realize that unimaginable personal change is on one’s doorstep. “Runnin’ Out of Time” describes the confused state the artist has entered after a long romantic relationship of his ends abruptly. Morgan’s words take us on a journey through a hazy passage of time and contemplation, while using catchy, recurring lyrics to keep us interested.

“When you told me you loved me, told me that you cared, You said you always needed me, and that you’d always be there / Now you tell me that you’re leavin’, with that look on your face / My whole world comes crashing down, my life’s become a race.”

“Runnin’ Out of Time” is everything you want out of a song, compiling a minimal arrangement of elements into a perfectly balanced mix that takes you on a sonic journey. The eeriness Güten Morgan brings to his lyrics is contagious and intriguing, and each word seems like one to hold on to and ponder. If you are dealing with a big life change, I’m confident that Güten Morgan’s music can help you see it through with integrity.

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About Güten Morgan

Güten Morgan is a studio artist that fuses a classic 70’s-style rock with a dose of 90’s rock & grunge. Differing from most rock vocalists, Morgan’s voice is a rich baritone, and his music blends it with generous use of guitar and percussion. Güten Morgan’s first studio CD, Trash Day, was released in 2019, and consists of eight original and 2 cover songs – including an acoustic cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Over the Hills and Far Away”. The Trash Day release is self-recorded and produced, with varied contributions from a handful of other musicians.

Morgan Tharp, the primary artist behind Güten Morgan, hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. . Morgan works by day as a long-standing practicing oncology physician, but has always had a love for music and especially guitar. Although his music differs from theirs, he has been greatly influenced by Led Zeppelin and Kings of Leon, as well as all the “classic rock” of the late 1960’s into the 1980’s. The acoustic cover song “In Your Eyes” (live) by Jeffrey Gaines became the inspiration to compose an acoustic version of “Over the Hills and Far Away”; this led to a recording session for this track, out of which flowed the rest of the Trash Day album.

Morgan is currently working on writing and recording tracks with the vocal a cappella group The Point. He is also enjoying writing and developing new songs for Güten Morgan.


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