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  • Bryon Harris

Gürschach - 'Undead Empire'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

The W.A M. Awards celebrate the year’s most outstanding independent artists from around the world in multiple genres and categories. "Best Song" and "Best Album" nominations were based on Artistry, Musicianship, Originality, Professionalism, Diversity, and Excellence. W.A.M. stands for "We Are the Music Makers.' Gürschach's "Undead Empire" was the 2020 W.A.M. Award Winner for Best Song in the Metal music category.

The “Undead Empire” by Gurschach has risen and is ready to rock. A taunting rhythm enters as a group of voices are chanting “Zola Schukada” in the distance. Distorted and heavy metal guitar are upfront and center. A growling rises from the beneath from the electric guitar as the drums ares slamming the rhythm. Leyland comes in with the rhythm guitar blasting as X rides the melody with howling vocals and blaring guitar. Bassist, Scotty settles into Daniel’s drum beat as the grueling cumbersome sound builds in the chorus. A massive solo in the bridge blows your hair back as a siren wails from the depths of a shrilling guitar. The drum ramps up the beat as the guitar trills insanely on the guitar. Then the chorus comes back again, and the chant slowly fades away. Whoa.

The power of Gürschach is pulsating, awaking the "Undead Empire." The dead are now alive, and the sight is unbearable as the beat pulses, and the heavy bass drones as the chorus chants "Zola Schukada." A demonic uprising has come, and it's time to fight. The vocals screech as the verses describe the horrifying zombie invasion.

“See me, believe me

My being is disgusting

Pulsing while bleeding

A dead man alive

The horror, the sickness

The spreading, the judgment

I have seen the light I consumed it.”

Gurschach is a progressive, creative band with intensely high energy. Their fusion of metal, Latin rhythms, sludge, and punk brings metal to a new level. The skull-crushing beat and distorted guitar riffs are mind-blowing. Gurschach's performance is extreme with the band's dynamic and massive sound. These musicians transport you into a different world with their electrifying and headbanging musicianship on "Undead Empire." Simply put, Gurschach could wake the dead, at least the musical dead. Connect on Facebook Stream on Spotify About Gürschach Gürschach WebsiteGürschach (Pronounced (Ger-shock)) have been yelling “Buy our shirts!” to crowds in the San Francisco bay area and beyond since 2011. The group features guitarist and vocalist X, drummer Daniel Justo-Sanchez, bassist and vocalist Scotty McRib, and guitarist Leyland Reid. Their music harkens back to the glory days of metal, such as the works of Metallica and Pantera, while featuring progressive and experimental sounds reminiscent of Tool and Buckethead’s music. They blend metal, Latin, sludge, progressive, punk, and jazz elements to create a new sound that they describe as a simple phrase: Dark Matter.

The group has played extensively since 2014, opening for acts like Psychostick, Cyborg Octopus, Toy Called God and Raven Black in their tenure. They are well known in the bay area for their intricately driving guitars, funk inspired slap bass, Latin groove drum patterns, and strong vocal delivery in a high energy, no holds barred live set. Fans initially got a taste of their sound on their debut Beautiful Nightmares EP in 2015, and their first full length album Dark Matter was released on December 1, 2017. Two years afterwards, Gürschach has toured throughout the Pacific West and Midwestern United States, and have released several music videos. They aim to be at a venue near you soon, buy their shirts! #Gürschach #UndeadEmpire #WAMMusicAwardWinner #MusicReviews #MusicReviewBlog

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